Anwar Rasheed
Anwar Rasheed
06/22/2017 at 13:56. Facebook
50 days of Comrade in America - CIA !! Ironically our American and Mexican schedule was a total of 50 days !! We worked our hardest and our best in those 50 days. So as a thank you for all the love for each of those days, here's a little clip we edited for all of you to enjoy !!

Dailymotion : [ Link ]

Youtube : [ Link ]
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Anwar Rasheed
Anwar Rasheed
06/16/2017 at 15:46. Facebook
Amjid Khan
Amjid Khan
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From 8th June ❤
#CIA #malayalammovie #bcinemas #mollywood #gccmovies
Anwar Rasheed 06/04/2017
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CIA #DulQuer
CIA DulQuer
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Here's a little scene from #CIA #ComradeInAmerica !
Comrade in America - CIA
Comrade in America  CIA
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Here's a little documentary video Team Comrade in America - CIA put together. These were the actual places we shot at. And on one day of shoot we actually came across a huge group of people who crossed over the border illegally. Entire families who had sold all their belongings. It was an unbelievable sight and heart breaking to see the real side to something we were trying to capture on...
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Comrade in America - CIA
Comrade in America  CIA
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This is one of my favourite images and possibly my favourite moment from our shoot in Mexico !! We didn't plan that girl. She was literally going to her quinceañera ceremony walking through the street looking like a princess !
Cannot wait for Comrade in America - CIA release ☺
Anwar Rasheed 04/30/2017
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Comrade In America !!
Comrade In America
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Comrade in America - CIA
Comrade in America  CIA
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