Any truth to this?
Any truth to this
Ryan Cashman
Matthew Davis
Anthony Rowell
Shell Bailey
Mary Ali
Cody Ward
Monika Younan
Amy Cavanagh
Michael Meijer
Filthy Sentiments
Filthy Sentiments
Bradley Nugent
Travis Ian Hossack
Chris Pettitt
Jack Cleary
Blake Beyer
Best $5 ever spent
Anything Straya 11/16/2016
Mer Na
Zeljko Pekic
Sheree Kershaw
Hannah Maier
Neil Granger
IJsbrand Smid
Crispy, Fresh Aussie Memes at it again!
Anything Straya 11/16/2016
Sheridan Barclay
Anything Straya 11/15/2016
Rhiannon Thomas
Dianne Payne
Sarah Irving
Colin Holdway
Cath Thomas
Fiona McAndrew
Elephants are truly amazing, intelligent creatures. This story is incredible.
Anything Straya 11/15/2016

This Elephant Spent 11 Hours Digging A Hole. Nobody Expected Her To Pull THIS Out!
Darren Lee Boson
Alex Carbone
Glenn Bastian
Tom Johnson
Kim Campbell
So a bit of back story: my partner is an American, she grew up watching Crocodile Hunter. When he passed she was extremely depressed. A year later she came to Australia to live and permanently settle here. From her very first paycheck she earned when started working here, she's donated to the wildlife warriors. Skip ahead almost a decade and we got an email about Steve Irwin Day from the...
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Anything Straya 11/15/2016
Daniel Dixon
Karl Buxton
Hudson Beck