Not able to find time to spend with your family? Why not take up an activity to bond with your family #Unwind2017
Food is the source of all our energies.
Thus, we must make sure not to just binge eat but also make healthy food choices. #Unwind2017
Set yourself free from worries and #Unwind2017 with meditation.
Listening to music can have an instant calming effect & boost your energy levels to bounce back at work.
How do you plan to bring about a change this year?
Watch this space to know how to #Unwind2017 & help you bring a change.
Protect yourself and enjoy the chilly winters by being #WinterActive
To maintain your health and fitness, don’t take a winter break from exercise. Stay #WinterActive
India is a country of diverse culture! Let’s unite and celebrate this festive season. Apollo Munich wishes all #HappyLohri, #MakarSankranti and #Pongal.
Layer your clothes properly this season to make sure winters don’t catch up to you. Stay #WinterActive
Eating the right food for winters can boost your immunity and keep you warm.
Which nutrient-rich food will you add in your diet to stay #WinterActive?
Babies catch cold easily due to low immunity.
Take immediate action if you see any of these symptoms in your child to keep them #WinterActive
Turmeric milk, gives a boost to your immunity during winters.
Add some cinnamon to make it the perfect beverage.
Stay #WinterActive
Have a Heart condition?
You need to be extra cautious this season! #WinterActive
On a cold winter day, nothing sounds better than a bowl of warm soup. Stay #WinterActive
Winter brings cold, illness, laziness and isolation.
So, it becomes very important to stay active during this time of the year to beat the winter blues. #WinterActive
Thank you for sharing such wonderful stories with us. This surely gives us plenty of reasons to go out and start walking.
Keep walking and keep sharing. You never know who you might inspire. Stay tuned with us for Walkyoumentary video. #EveryStepCounts
‘New year is all about newer beginnings.' Tell us the way you want to spend the first day of 2017. #EveryStepCounts.
Wish you a #HappyNewYear2017.
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