If you're looking to rejuvenate your fitness level, a long #hike might be your answer — Outside Magazine author Kyle Boelte reveals the benefits his body received after a 29-day hike on Colorado Trail!

This Is What Happens to Your Body on a Thru-Hike

Interested in Trail management and spending the summer on the #AppalachianTrail in Maine? If so, you’re in luck — we’re hiring a Maine Field Coordinator for 2017! For more information and position requirements, click here: [ Tinyurl.com Link ]

The deadline for applications is February 26, so be sure to apply soon!
Congratulations to Sarah, whose awesome #AppalachianTrail video "Shepherd" won Round 4 of the #myATstory Contest!

Join us next week as we kick off the Grand Prize Round, where you can vote for your favorite winning story from each of the previous rounds!

"Shepherd" - myATstory

Happy #PresidentsDay! Fun fact: President Lyndon B. Johnson (pictured here with his wife, Lady Bird) signed the National Trail Systems Act of 1968, establishing the #AppalachianTrail as a unit of the National Park Service! #TheMoreYouKnow

LBJ Library photo by Frank Wolfe.
"Walking is a man's best medicine."


Having a piece of #backpacking gear fail mid-trip can be devastating. Backpacker Magazine shares some common mistakes to keep in mind before stepping into the backcountry. [ Ow.ly Link ]

What are some tips for avoiding a gear fail on the #AppalachianTrail?

10 Gear Fails You're Smart Enough to Avoid

Ridgerunner? Trail Ambassador? Mountain Crossings at Walasi-yi has an excellent blog post explaining the role of these vital #AppalachianTrail positions.

Sound like a job for you? We're looking for a Monson, Maine Ridgerunner/A.T. Visitor Center Representative! More info: appalachiantrail.org/careers.

Ridge Runners and Trail Ambassadors | Mountain Crossings at Walasi-yi

Our sincere thanks go out to The Nature Conservancy for preserving 353 acres of the Kittatinny Ridge in Pennsylvania, further protecting the beautiful landscape surrounding the #AppalachianTrail!

Cove Mountain Preserve on Kittatinny Ridge | The Nature Conservancy

Sonu moved from India to the small town of Pearisburg, Virginia to begin a new life. When #AppalachianTrail hikers began showing up at her hotel, Sonu soon fell in love with this one-of-a-kind community and joined the efforts to preserve the A.T. experience forever.

We are proud to present "Contagious Love", the fifth short film in the #myATstory series. For more behind-the-scenes, including...
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Happy #Valentines Day from the ATC! Give yourself the gift of an #AppalachianTrail #hike with a loved one!

Photo by Rhonda Wise.
The #AppalachianTrail coincides with another famous path: one of the routes for the Underground Railroad! Our newest blog post chronicles the journey of seven Outdoor Afro #hikers following in the footsteps of Harriet Tubman.

A Hike Through History: Following the Path of the Underground Railroad

Whether you're planning a #thruhike or a day #hike, we've got you covered: check out appalachiantrail.org/hiking for tips on maximizing your #AppalachianTrail experience!
Looking for a #backpacking buddy? The National Forest Foundation has some tips for choosing a #hiking partner that's ideal for you!

What are some characteristics you look for in an outdoor #adventure partner?

Four Tips For Choosing A Hiking Partner - National Forest Foundation

Many thanks to the National Park Foundation for their awesome write-up about the #AppalachianTrail and the ATC! Check it out here: [ Ow.ly Link ]

A Hike “Thru” the Appalachian Trail | National Park Foundation

#TBT The 1983 Konnarock Trail Crew knew that maintaining the #AppalachianTrail was dirty work, but we're glad they wanted to do it! Many thanks to the thousands of volunteers who #ProtectYourTrail each year!

Find out how you can get your hands dirty — applications for our 2017 trail crews are available at appalachiantrail.org/crews!
#WednesdayWisdom from National Geographic: a few ideas for improving the sustainability of a #thruhike.

What tips do you have for minimizing your impact on the #AppalachianTrail?

Improving the Sustainability of Thru-Hiking

#myATstory Contest Round 4 begins! Vote for your favorite #AppalachianTrail story today by clicking here: tinyurl.com/myATstory-round4.

Want a preview? Check out this incredible photo of Mount Moosilauke by Round 4 finalist Nathan Bauman!
Having trouble getting enough sleep? A #winter weekend in the woods may be just what the doctor ordered...

Not Getting Enough Sleep? Camping In February Might Help

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

Photo: Bethany Coomes
When planning your #backpacking trips, be careful not to go "stupid light" — Andrew Skurka explains why lighter isn't always better when it comes to your #hiking gear.

Stupid Light: Why lighter is not always right or better