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'My 3 year old daughter is was full of opinions, comments, information and sometimes commentary' says Madhavi Mukherjee. So how does she deal with her daughter who loves talking about almost anything. Click here to read-
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Let the kids explore their creative minds by making them watch this video. Watch and learn the art of making a Caterpillar Greeting Card & allow them to express!
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Teaser for the AppyStore Online Summer Camp !
Hit us up if you're interested in the comments!
Or let us know if you have any suggestions for more fun activities! #appystore #summercamp #ages2to8yrs
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Impart some valuable lesson to your child with the help of the proverb 'Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise'. Make them listen to the story and explain the meaning of the proverb for better understanding.
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Some children are born shy; some learn to be shy by imitating others. Learn what makes your child shy by reading our child expert, Prachi Chitre’s article. Happy reading!
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Learn a Proverb! Make your kids watch this video & let them know what 'Time Heals Old Wounds' mean. Enjoy!
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Hey Moms & Dads,
Walk through the Appystore app with us to make your Parenting more interesting & interactive!
To start your kid on an interesting learning journey to become more future ready download the app here: [ Link ]

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Download the AppyStore app here : Read more about child development. Visit http://blog.appy...

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Tell your child more about an amazing creature, chameleon. Dr. Binocs is here to tell why Chameleons change their colors. This video will add on to your child's knowledge about the creatures.
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Psychologist Manjiri Gokhale suggests parents to help their children be confident about their looks. Click here to read how.
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This vacation, see the creative side of your kid. Teach them how to make an Owl puppet by watching this video. Enjoy!
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Reading sets fire to the imagination. Learn how to help your child pick up the habit of reading from our mommy blogger Vidya JS. Click below to read her helpful article.
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Give your child a creative time! Gather all your old CDs & let’s make something interesting. Watch the video & learn!
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To feel accepted is the basic need of every child. Read what mommy blogger Vidya JS has to say about raising empathetic kids.
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Let your child know some of the popular places in Mumbai with the help of this fun & interactive video! Watch and learn!

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Psychologist Prachi Chitre says that aggression does not have one single cause. Read her article and learn to control your child's aggression before it's too late.
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Every year after Holi, newspapers are full of incidences and the culprit are the harmful Holi-colours. So this year instead of buying the harmful colours, make some safe and eco-friendly colours at home for you and your little one by reading this blog.
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The unique Indian festival of colours, Holi, is here and it is time to understand the science and story behind the festival. Read this blog by Archana Prasad which details the above, along with the ways to play a safe holi.
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Holi, the festival of colours, is undoubtedly the most enthusiastic and colourful of all the Indian festivals. Make this festival a learning curve for your tot by reading this blog. Happy reading!