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Spark in your child the love for vehicles and automobiles. With this amazing video teach them to construct a motorcycle out of old watches.
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Spark the creativity of your little one with this video! Let your child watch and learn how to make a cute Flower Basket by decorating it with flowers and leaves, thereby allowing them to flaunt their creativity!
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Its time that we accept the presence of technology in our children's lives. With this blog know what benefits do the touchscreen devices serve your toddlers.
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With the growing usage of technology everywhere, one cannot possibly hold their child away from it. But, even too much exposure to digital technology can prove to be harmful. Check out the blog by mommy blogger Manjiri Gokhale where she provides some insightful tips on the wise usage of technology for the kids.
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Time for some fun for all parents with small kids!

AppyStore is having a contest for you.. and winners will win some Grand Prizes!

Contest closes on 23rd Feb!

Here's what you have to do:
1. Download & register the AppyStore app from Google play store for free:[ Link ]
2. Tell us which video your child likes & why in the comments in this...
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Time for your child to develop his/her creative side! Make them watch this video where they learn how to make a 'Lion Greeting Card' of their own.
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Parents dealing with 21st century kids already face issues trying to keep their kids away from devices. But are all devices & apps bad? Is there some advantage of using some apps for your kids? [ Link ]

How Apps And Digital Games Can Help Your Child Learn
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Sometimes the fear of punishment makes the child stay quiet. Mommy blogger Vidya explains how to cultivate a bond of trust with your child to make them honest.
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Introduce your child to date and time, and also make them learn how to identify them through this educative video. Watch now!

#appystore #kids #fun #learning #kirigami
With the help of this Kirigami art video, your kid will learn how to make paper snowflakes. Watch now!

AppyStore™ Blog
Psychologist Manjiri Gokhale gives tips to stop that ‘touchy’ things that toddlers do and which parents find hard to come up with a solution for.
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Make your tot learn about different professions through this video. The video comes with Flash Cards, which will let your kid understand professions in a better way.

This Holi, engage your child in these colorful worksheets for Free!
To get such attractive worksheets Subscribe to the 2-month package at 40% off! Subscribe here: [ Link ]
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Let the kids explore their creative minds by making them watch this video. Watch and learn the art of making a Caterpillar Greeting Card & allow them to express!

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Tell your child more about an amazing creature, chameleon. Dr. Binocs is here to tell why Chameleons change their colors. This video will add on to your child's knowledge about the creatures.

#appystore #kids #learning #science
Introduce your child to the life cycle of the ever beautiful butterfly through this video. Learn & enjoy!

#appystore #kids #fun #learning
With this fun interactive video, let your child share with you and the forest friends all about his/her close Friends. Watch and enjoy!

#appystore #kids #learning #fun #appyvideos
With this fun interactive video, let your child share with you and the forest friends all about his/her close Friends. Watch and enjoy!