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ROFL... Techies will relate to this! #TechieHumor
EQ-Radio device can read emotions by bouncing wireless signals off your body.
The real test of your patience! #TechHumour
Boxy, NO Button! Control any smart device by simply waving your hand!
Video Courtesy: GiGadgets
Android developers are in demand all over the world. Click here to become a part of it. #TechInCharge

App development for Android | Aptech Computer Education

Clue: Since being appointed CEO in February 2014, he has launched Windows 10, a move that positions Microsoft as a platform-centric company, allowing users to experience OS services across devices.
Isn't that how #developers feel a lot of times? #TechHumour
Although all #Apple products are banned in Gates’ mansion, it looks like he is somewhat indebted to Macintosh for his home. #DidYouKnow
An augmented-reality helmet that gives cyclists a 360-degree view of the road could help prevent accidents, according to the device's designers.
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Be a free bird with wireless technology! #TechnologyIsPun
It takes all kinds of men to make this world. Happy Men’s day!
3D print your own mini universe! Watch this video to know how.
Video Courtesy: Live Science
Get well-versed with Java & .NET to rule the IT industry. Click here to know more! #TechInCharge

IT certification course in Microsoft .NET/Java/OST

Which is a computer pointing device? #QuizOfTheDay- 14th Nov
To the undying spirit, unstoppable passion & the forever alive innocence! Happy Children's Day.
Celebrate technology #HomeSweetHome
Dream big, and strive to make those dreams real. Happy National Educational Day to everyone.
Put your transit worries away. You can now book a local cab & compare best prices with Google search.
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When your code works in the first go!
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