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#SocialJustice "Social justice is what love looks like in public". Easy to dream, hard to do! Trying to make a better world with APUS.
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Which one are you when you read this post? Is it real you? #whichoneareyou #friday #weekend #happysunday
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SUPA: "Admin, what's written in this image?"
Admin: "Oh, well...ummm...I don't know!"
Can you figure out what's in it? #APUSQUIZ #apus #eyetest
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Yet another episode of Discovery Time, introducing Best Photo Editing tools.
If you have some app suggestions you can share in the comment section.
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APUS message center allows you to reply all your messages from one inbox. Make your life easier!
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#BestThemes Some people ask that "Admin, how can I be different and stand out from others?”
Admin: Do things you like and use themes you love
Different Themes for U: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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#MyIdeaOfLoveIs simple, just put me in your heart. How about yours? #ValentinesDay #love #loveforever #heart #ILoveYou
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Happy Valentine's Day!! What's your plan for today? Share with us the photo and let's spend it together~#ValentinesDay #love #single #loveforever #plan
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On the upcoming Valentine's Day, who want the 3rd one: a girlfriend/boyfriend instead of the 4th? #ValentinesDay #VD #VDay
Get a marriage certificate before it: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Is your favourite song or singer nominated at the 59th Recording Academy / GRAMMYs? Share with us the #BestMusic & #BestApps in your opinion. #GRAMMYs Adele #Hello
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For Those Who Are Still Single...
Wanna prove that you are not? Create a marriage certificate now: [ Bit.ly Link ] Valentine's Day #apus
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How many differences can you spot in this image? Share if you are a genius! #SpotTheDifferences #APUSQuiz
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To be a tester of APUS Launcher(Beta) now! Tap to update your APUS Launcher to the latest version and any advice is appreciated from you! Try it: [ Bit.ly Link ] #test #apus #APUSLauncher

APUS Launcher Beta Testing

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4th Discovery Time - How do you make new friends on Facebook? Do you like Donald J. Trump? Watch this video and you'll discover a new way. Don't forget to subscribe us on Youtube Channel: [ Bit.ly Link ] #DiscoveryTime #APUS
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A guideline on how to prove you are not single any longer this Valentine's Day-Create a Marriage Certificate!! Try it now: [ Bit.ly Link ] #ValentinesDay #APUS #tips
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#WallpaperWednesday People are always addicted to the beautiful scenes. APUS Wallpapers help you keep the beauty on your smartphone anytime you want.
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If you don't want to miss any messages and calls, then use the magical APUS Message Center! #APUS #MsgCenter
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If you are using APUS headlines, you will never miss any news. #APUSHeadlines
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When you find your friend using APUS, its time to get it on your smartphone. #apus #panda
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“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.”
Supporting the fighters,
admiring the survivors,
honoring the taken and
never, ever giving up hope.
Share if you agree. #WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan