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Fated to be close but never touching each other, the pool and the sea at "Villa Faros" ( form an unfullfiled fling promicing peace and tranquility for their guests.. A painter's or a writer's paradise!
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We are glad to announce our new collaboration with the luxurious Opera Mansion, the renovated Opera on Santorini dating back from the 19th century which was transformed to a welcoming maisonette hosting all individuas seeking privacy and comfort!
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Adore Santorini is comprised by three suites being an exclusive boutique hotel in an impressive setting that you will.. adore!
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Designed for travellers who wish to experience the spirit of a cosmopolitan town in an environment that offers peace and tranquility, Lato Boutique Hotel offers the chance to explore #Heraklion city in Crete and travel to a different era..
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If you 're seeking to spend some time in lavishness and comfort, the cozy chic furnishing of "Aperanto Suites" in Santorini island will astound you!
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The standard room at Agnadi Villa Oia Santorini is full of colourful details and stylish features.. And when romance hits you hard it is the perfect sanctuary for lovers!

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In Carpe Diem Santorini in the Cyclades you can find arresting painterly views of the natural environment, privacy and exclusivity, traditional Cyclades hospitality and VIP Concierge services, all in one!
A lot more than just a place to spend the night Amerisa Suites in Santorini island offers a breathtaking view emitting an atmosphere of sheer romanticism!
Having the possibility to host up to six persons the spacious yet picturesque Villa Dakoronia with the magnificent view is located on the top of the cliff ridge.. Simply amazing!
It may be cold outside and the sunny days are still far away but that doesn't stop us from giving a quick glance at the glorious Aegean blue in front of Aliko Luxury Suites..
With modern rooms that inspire you throughout your stay, whether you are an entrepreneur away on business or a life adventurer Olive Green Hotel is just the place for you!
Be modern, yet simple and experience a comfy yet luxurious stay in Mykonos island at a picturesque setting just a stone's thrown from the unique Mykonian Windmills and the popular Little Venice!

Take a look at Boheme Mykonos Hotel!
"Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you."
Loretta Young

For these special moments of your life you may choose Dreams Luxury Suites as your private shelter of love!

Special credits to Vangelis Photography
Atlantis Hotel boasts a magnificent view over the Archipelagos along with a surpising oasis of tranquility in spite of the busy surroundings!
Your suite at Above Blue Suites is fully equipped with all the audio visual material you may need such as a personal notebook, DVD / CD / radio / Mp3 player as well as iPod charger, speakers and cell phone! Isn't that amazing?
Each suite at Black Rose Suites has its own pool and a story of quintessential ambiance and shear luxury to tell.. Your paradise lost!
The double storey traditional suite at Ayoba Santorini is fully equipped so that travellers may find whatever they need making their stay experience closer to home!
First day of the week, second day of the year.. And is seems that we are definitely in need of some day dreaming!

At ATHERMI APARTMENTS SANTORINI we will find the ideal setting!
May the New Year bring you a peaced filled life, warmth and many happy moments!

Let the past behind, grab the chance to experience new beginnings and live every day to the fullest!

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