Aquatica Orlando
Aquatica Orlando
06/26/2017 at 22:30. Facebook
The best way to race through the week!

(Fan video: @wil.i.amcrawford)
Jill Garcia Was Smith
Mary Green
Billy Crawford
Aquatica Orlando
Aquatica Orlando
06/22/2017 at 14:01. Facebook
LIVE NOW at the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson!
Amy Bowersock
Estrada Bethzaida Urena
Estrada Bethzaida Urena
Aquatica Orlando
Aquatica Orlando
06/21/2017 at 12:40. Facebook
Hello Summer! How are you celebrating the first day of summer?
Amy Stevens
Dot Grindley
Gissel Reyes
Hello Saturday!

(Fan photo: @hayleybaybii)
Hello Saturday 

Fan photo hayleybaybii
Kiesha Roddy
Maheinui Goché
Melissa Conaway
One of our favorite views!

(Fan video: @basim407)
Ingrid van Bodegom-Mostert
Samantha Mamph Marsh
How every Sunday should be spent!

(Fan photo: @chubbysqueez)
How every Sunday should be spent 

Fan photo chubbysqueez
Natalie Tullis
Daniel Sansoni
Sylvia Borge Cespedes
Talk about the perfect Friday view!

(Fan photo: @ steffanie94)
Talk about the perfect Friday view 

Fan photo  steffanie94
Frances Torres Rios
Joanne Ording-Langen
Michelle White
It's raining buckets out there!
Chu Rodriguez
Cecy Sarmiento
Claire Fair
Friday vibes!

Don't forget to tag all of your photos from the park using #AquaticaShare for a chance to be featured on our channels.

(Fan photo: @blonduhh)
Weekend goals!

(Fan photo: @fabriciogds)
Weekend goals 

Fan photo fabriciogds
Marimar Lebron
Meredith Sauls
Cindi Thatcher Hauge
Start your Friday off with us. We're exploring the park before we open and helping you find the perfect lounge chair for your next visit!
Jeremy Podolski
Jeremy Podolski
Diannys Del Toro
Who's looking forward to the holiday weekend?

(Fan photo: @descansaquandomorredqm)
Who's looking forward to the holiday weekend
Janet Brito Trenzado
Hector Bernier
Jennifer N John
Who wishes they could start their weekend with a lap around Roa's Rapids?
Yailin Kropfelder
Heather Louise Smith
Eddie J. Wickham
We’re celebrating International Water Safety Day with three-time Olympic gold medalist Rowdy Gaines!

Tune in to learn Rowdy’s top 5 water safety tips for this summer.
Sierra Harris
Diannys Del Toro
Yalse Rivas
Happy Mother's Day!

We hope you have a relaxing day soaking up some rays.
Happy Mothers Day We hope you have a relaxing day soaking up
Nicole Mercer
Bebe Hernandez
Bebe Hernandez
Best place to catch a tan if we do say so ourselves!
Amy Bishop
Chris Morris
Andrea Paice
Now that smile says it all!

(Fan photo: @kukuu1)
Now that smile says it all 

Fan photo kukuu1
Lucy Rose Payton
Wendie Right
Sarah Wood
Planning an upcoming visit? Tune in to learn more about our Roa's Riverview cabanas!
Christopher Blydenburgh
Axel Perez
Susan Crunkleton Ivester
When 5 o'clock hits who else is out of the office this quick?
Amanda Marie Fernandez
Melissa Jablin
Magid Zaky
Happy Friday!

Comment below with your weekend plans ... hopefully they include a visit to see us.
Melissa Jablin
Christine Lenti
Yuliet Ávila