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What are we eating for lunch?

Breakfast veggie wrap
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Pour ceux qui ont besoin de raisons pour manger de carottes!
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On en apprend tous les jours C'est aussi comme ça chez vous?
Bowls meal, are trendy, appetizing and healthy! Did you already tried?
The recipe ➡

Californian veggie Buddha bowl
Grandma’s cooking is synonymous with childhood memories and evokes an instant feeling of comfort. But we still love to add own touch to a classic dish ;)

How to reimagine grandma’s recipes?
Add a pinch of love to your day
Every family has their own tricks to get their kids to eat veggies every day.
Top 11 methods to try!

Veggies vs Kids: 2,000 parents test the best tips
We just can’t say it enough: legumes have a many benefits. Whether from a nutritional, economic or environmental point of view, they only bring you good things!

A closer look at pulses | Arctic Gardens
Whether with family, friends or your significant other, Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to make an extraordinary meal – but sometimes, you just don’t time to plan <3

15 recipes that will get your heart racing | Arctic Gardens
Quelle bonne idée! Merci La Récréation pour cette recette originale ;)
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Need inspiration for your next family or friends group meal, but don’t have the time to make a million things?

Hosting a large groupe without a hassle | Arctic Gardens
stepped out of the routine with this recipe Yin Yang!
*Time to prepare: 10 minutes
*Time to cook: 10 minutes!

Stir-fried Yin Yang Ginger Beef
Whose turn to cook tonight?
Tips for you, 15 minutes to prepare this recipe!

Roasted sesame salmon and pea coulis with garden herbs
Subway – work – bed. Sound familiar?

Simple meals for weeknights
Subway – work – bed. Sound familiar?
More details: [ Link ]
Chili Lasagna! A good mix of our favorite meals!
10 minutes preparation time

Chili lasagna
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Sometimes all you need is a little nudge to help you get back on track food-wise. Instead of changing everything about your diet overnight, start with a simple step: add veggies to your favourite dishes!

How to make our fast-food healthier?