Arindam Chaudhuri
03/26/2017 at 15:14. Facebook
Why BJP-RSS need Yogi, Opposition needs Arvind Kejriwal and Congress needs Varun Feroze Gandhi!

-By Arindam Chaudhuri-

Yogi as the CM of UP might have come as a rude shock to many. But it was always on the cards. Modi has been growing too big for RSS. And after becoming PM, he hadn't once supported openly a single of the innumerable nonsense pelted out by RSS or it's fringe groups. And make...
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23 years of being together!!! And that's finally more than half my life - married to the most intelligent, beautiful and loving woman!!!

Couldn't have asked for more!
15 years, 8th trip to Jim Corbett.. never seen a tiger... but always great fun!!!!

Most importantly dad felt healthy and happy!!! Priceless feeling!!!
Absolutely incredible feat!!! 300 runs in T20!!!

Delhi's Mohit Ahlawat has created history by becoming the first batsman to score a triple century in a T20 match. The feat has never been achieved at any level in T20s.

The 21-year-old wicketkeeper batsman, playing for Maavi XI, scored the record 300 not out in Friends Premier League, Delhi.

His unbeaten knock came off just 72 balls, which...
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Get up early, exercise, eat healthy, dress well, work hard, read lots, spread goodness, spend time on your loved ones and your passions and sleep for 7 hours come what may!!!
Some of my friends here without reading my posts continue to say I am selectively bashing Hinduism specially wrt my 6th Jan. post... [ Link ]

Nothing can be a bigger lie. I am not a Hindu basher. I simply don't believe in any religion and quite equally bring in front of my readers the irrationalities of all religions, including Islam and Christianity. But then it's OK. My Muslim...
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It's time to bring an end to religion... and take away the divisive trump card from the hands of politicians... and spread humanity!

It's time to think... And behave intelligently!

You may say I am a dreamer, let me not be the only one...

Let's remember and live by the best anti capitalism and anti theism song ever written.... By John Lennon...

The anthem of humanity, equality, socialism...
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My all time favorite song and the ultimate socialist and atheist anthem!!!

Imagine!! By John Lennon!

Enjoy, think and broaden your horizon!!

Added bonanza: Priyanka Chopra and Neymar in this brilliant video!

For the unaware and the lazy bones, here are the lyrics...

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for...
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Awesome memories of my birthday last month... What made it really special was the amount of personal touch and efforts put in by the ones who love me, to make it so special!! There were no gifts or cakes that were purchased from the racks!

There were 6 home made cakes...
Btw, can you identify them???

And 4 incredible paintings (3 on canvas and one by my mom of 'Fidel Castro' on the black...
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Terror or not, the real thing that Modi's demonetization has put a break upon is growing Hindu fanaticism!

The Supreme Court verdict against the use of religion and caste for political gains, will only control it further<<<<

Mark Twain famously said, "Religion was invented when the con man met the first fool". Nothing could be more spot on. In place of nations having their own laws to govern...
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Bringing in 2017... with only those who matter - friends and family - on 31st night!!

Thanks Che Kabir, my adorable baby, for the wonderful collage! Can never cease to be in ever increasing awe of you!!
When you have loving friends and family, celebrations never stop! This was a surprise cake - spectacular looking, home made and absolutely delicious - to celebrate my Kick Boxing Black Belt @45!!!

I was only too happy to strike a pose or two!
A very happy new year to you all, my dear friends!
In 2017, let's get logical!

Here are quotes by two of the most intelligent people
on two of the biggest EVILS - Religion and Nationalism - destroying not just India, but the World.

Let's understand and appreciate logic!

Make this your WhatsApp profile picture and spread intelligence!

Happy New Year!
In 2017, let's get logical!

Here are quotes by two of the most intelligent people
on two of the biggest EVILS - Religion and Nationalism - destroying not just India, but the World.

Let's understand and appreciate logic!

Make this your WhatsApp profile picture and spread intelligence!

Happy New Year!
Friends, hope you are having a great time celebrating 25th Dec!

We had a great time too yesterday night!

Despite us not believing in religion or nationalism; be it Christmas, Eid, Diwali or Independence Day celebrations never stop in our house... We just need an occasion to spread cheer... and the excitement is always made delicious and sweeter by the amazingly creative and tasty cakes...
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7 things Narendra 'Robin Hood' Modi can do to get a free run till 2029!

On 8th November, I wholeheartedly supported Modi as he declared his mega demonetization scheme. I also believed it was a huge move towards wiping off the black economy. But from the very beginning, I have been saying it will only wipe off "black cash" (I never used the terms black economy or black money).
I further...
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Celebrating 5 years of CULT, our book on Strategy and Leadership...

Great memories! If you haven't read it, its never too late!

Global Management Icon,Guy Kawasaki, commented on the book, "I have read the book and Steve Jobs would love this book, he truly would. This book is in the same quality of Malcolm Gladwell, Geoffrey Moore & Clayton Christensen."

Marshall Goldsmith said Cult provides...
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With 'Befikre', Aditya Chopra is the new Yash Chopra and Ranveer the new SRK!<<<

First things first, Befikre is the best movie out of the current genre of films that have tried to redefine love with the 'premarital sex has nothing to do with love' message.

While all the other films actually remained a film story and didn't focus on the message, in true YRF tradition, Befikre focuses and...
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"Never Give Up". Yes, when it comes to health and fitness there is no other motto that is more important.

The brain loves to be lazy. It tells you to give up anything that's a bit taxing. But your determination has to keep you going!

Happy to share that I finally became a Black Belt in Kick Boxing on Saturday! It's a gift I gave to myself as I turn 45 this week! And trust me it's a great...
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