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Hunted to extinction, habitat loss, persecution crimes, some of the UK's animals have had it pretty tough. But it's not all doom and gloom..

Over recent years several UK wildlife organisations have been pretty successful in bringing some of those species back to our lands, huzzah! Why not learn a bit more about some of these stories one of the Arkive topic pages:

UK reintroduced species
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We are loving these 9 tips for living with less plastic from Less Plastic UK.

We can all make small changes to our everyday lives that will help make a big difference.

What actions or tricks are you using to change your plastic use habits? Share in the comments below.

Learn more about the impact of plastics on our oceans with our new marine plastics topic page: [ Link ]
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At Arkive we're pretty keen on keeping everyone informed. How good is your conservation knowledge? Novice or veteran, fancy a free course?!

United for Wildlife Online Courses
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Can you tell the difference between a seal and a sea lion? Look no further to find out how...

The easy way to tell the difference between seals and sea lions
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Newly discovered 430 million-year-old fossil named in honour of Sir David Attenborough

[ Link ]

Fossil named after Sir David Attenborough - BBC News
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In addition to the illegal pet trade, the poison dart #frog is threatened by #deforestation, let's spare a thought for them today on #WorldFrogDay!

Learn more about deforestation on Arkive.

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Happy #WorldFrogDay, a day to celebrate these amazing creatures! And we couldn't do that without a nod to the total effort put into some of their outfit choices.

The poison frogs are of the Dendrobatidae family and dress to impress with some blinding colours which warn of their extreme toxicity.

Lehmann’s poison frog videos, photos and facts - Oophaga lehmanni
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#Nature's guide to the species having a very #green #StPatricksDay [ Link ] #wildlife #animals

ARKive blog ARKive celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day -
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We can't tell where the leaf ends and the green shield bug begins! #GreenSpecies #StPatricksDay [ Link ]

Green shield bug videos, photos and facts - Palomena prasina
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Confused and green?! Has this #frog had one too many pints for #StPatricksDay? Share your fave #GreenSpecies! [ Link ]

Confusing green bushfrog videos, photos and facts - Raorchestes...
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Happy #StPatricksDay! We're sharing our fave #GreenSpecies! This v. green bird definitely lives up to its name! [ Link ]

Green broadbill videos, photos and facts - Calyptomena viridis
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Happy #StPatricksDay! We're sharing our fave #GreenSpecies! This turtle is named after the green colour of its fat! [ Link ]

Green turtle videos, photos and facts - Chelonia mydas
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Happy #StPatricksDay! We're sharing our favourite #GreenSpecies! The world's biggest snake - #green #anaconda [ Link ]

Green anaconda videos, photos and facts - Eunectes murinus
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Happy #StPatricksDay! To celebrate we're sharing our favourite #GreenSpecies! Like this #green #iguana [ Link ]

Green iguana videos, photos and facts - Iguana iguana
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Happy #StPatricksDay! One of the many wonderful shades of green #flora found in #Ireland - the Irish lady's tresses [ Link ]

Irish lady's tresses - Arkive
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Happy #StPatricksDay! To celebrate, we're going to share some of our favourite #green #wildlife! What's your fave? [ Link ]

Green mantella videos, photos and facts - Mantella viridis
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The Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s largest living structures, suffered its worst ever damage in 2016 when 22% of coral was killed off following a mass bleaching event.

46 scientists who studied this and previous bleaching events in 1998 and 2002 warn that stopping global warming is the only way to save the Great Barrier Reef.

More here:

[ Link ]

Large Sections of Australia’s Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find
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The Science of Nature scientific journal has recently published the results of study conducted by zoologists at the German University of Basel and Lund University in Sweden.

Researchers calculated that the global spider population wipes out an estimated 400-800 million tons of prey every year.

Think twice before you try to turf out that rent-dodging housemate! #housemaid

Spiders Eat 400-800 Million Tons of Prey Every Year | University of Basel
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The white-tailed eagle is featured on our new UK reintroduced species topic page: [ Link ]

Did you know that the white-tailed eagle was declared extinct in the UK in 1916 due to excessive hunting? However, due to some dedicated conservation work, there is now a thriving population and ongoing reintroductions throughout the UK.

Find out more about this amazing conservation story...
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