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Army Officer Jobs
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The Coldstream Guards are just one of the prestigious Guards regiments we have. Find out more about whether you’d be a good fit as an Army Officer in the Coldstream Guards. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Army Officer Jobs
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Whatever your gender, race, ethnic origin or religious belief there’s a place for you here. Discover where an Army career can take you: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#WithHeartWithMind #OfficerJobs
Army Officer Jobs
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Army Officers lead the best-trained, most-disciplined soldiers in the world. If you think you have what it takes to be a leader, find out more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#WithHeartWithMind #OfficerJobs
Disciplined, dedicated and capable of deploying anywhere in the world, the Coldstream Guards’ motto of ‘Second to None’ almost doesn’t do them justice. Got what it takes? Click through to discover more. [ Bit.ly Link ]
#WithHeartWithMind #OfficerJobs
Didn't go to university? No worries – you can still become an Army Officer. With clear career progression, access to the best leadership training in the world and the opportunity to study for a degree up to Master's level, it’s the perfect way to get ahead. The world around you just got a whole lot bigger. #WithHeartWithMind #ArmyOfficer [ Bit.ly Link ]
Over #44Weeks, you’ll develop as an individual, and as a team. Find out more about pushing yourself to your limits – and beyond. Officer training is in-depth, rigorous and determines who has what it takes to lead. See more here: [ Bit.ly Link ] #WithHeartWithMind #ArmyOfficer
You live together. You work together. You look out for each other. You don’t just make friends in the Army, you join a family. Find out more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#WithHeartWithMind #ArmyOfficer
Are you an intrepid explorer? If you want to see the world, the Army is the place for you. We’ve deployed in Brunei, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Gibraltar and across Africa. See where you could go:

#Travel #Explorer #ArmyJobs [ Bit.ly Link ]
Michael Goode's attempt at Mod B training was grueling. "Out of the classroom and into patrols…friends further ahead in the course had told me about it with gleaming eyes." Michael would have to learn how to give clear and concise commands quickly. See how well Michael did in his blog. #ArmyOfficer #WithHeartWithMind [ Bit.ly Link ]
Join the Army, experience adventure, test your boundaries. To prepare our Officers to become leaders, we may send them on Adventurous Training. It’s difficult, it’s exciting and it’ll make a leader out of you. It will challenge you, test your limits and push you to act quickly and under pressure. Do you have what it takes? #Adventure #ArmyFit #WithHeartWithMind [ Bit.ly Link ]
Huge thanks to all of the wonderful people at the University of York, the University of Manchester, Northumbria University and the University of Reading for making our #WITHHEARTWITHMIND team so welcome this week. If you want to find out more about becoming an officer, head here [ Bit.ly Link ]
The friendships that you make at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst are different. Watch this to find out why. Get the full inside story on #ArmyOfficer training in our #44WEEKS blog [ Bit.ly Link ]
We’re at the University of Reading today and tomorrow. To celebrate these unique events we’ve produced a series of Snapchat filters for each location. If you’re at an event or in the area join in and we’ll share some of our favourite snaps. #WITHHEARTWITHMIND #Snapchat
Meet double Olympic champion, Major Heather Stanning MBE and discover what she believes elevates the role of #ArmyOfficer from any other #WITHHEARTWITHMIND #GetInspired [ Bit.ly Link ]
Part-time officers, full-time leaders. Get the training and opportunities you need to be a top officer, get the tools you need to become a capable leader. Apply it all to your career - both inside and outside the Army. #WithHeartWithMind #OfficerJobs #ArmyOfficer [ Bit.ly Link ]
Today and tomorrow we’re at The University of Manchester and we've created a #Snapchat filter for the location. Find our filter in #Manchester and share your snaps and we’ll post some of our favourite pictures. #WITHHEARTWITHMIND #ArmyOfficer
We're celebrating our #WITHHEARTWITHMIND events with special #Snapchat filters. We're at the Northumbria Business, Finance & Law Careers Fair, Northumbria University today. Look for our #Newcastle filter, take a snap and share it with us #ArmyOfficer
Our officers have access to incredible training opportunities. Whether you decide to join as a Regular or Reserve Officer, the Army is the perfect place to use your qualifications, develop your skills and get experience like no other. #WithHeartWithMind #OfficerJobs #ArmyOfficer [ Bit.ly Link ]
We’re at the University of York today and tomorrow. To celebrate these unique events we’ve produced a series of Snapchat filters for each location. If you’re at an event or in the area join in and we’ll share some of our favourite snaps. #WITHHEARTWITHMIND #Snapchat. Find where else we’ll be by checking our event calendar [ Bit.ly Link ]