Army Officer Jobs
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You won’t find any glass ceilings in the British Army. If you want to challenge yourself as an Officer – and be properly rewarded for your efforts – find out more about joining the Army today. There’s no limit to what you can achieve. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
Army Officer Jobs
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What can you expect from your Officer briefing? 24 hours at Westbury. Fitness tests. Interviews. Get ready for your biggest challenge so far. Find out what’s in store here:[ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs

What happens at Army Officer Briefing? - Army Officers - Army Jobs

Part of the application process for becoming an Army Officer, is to attend a 24 hour briefing at Westbury in Wiltshire. This prepares you for when you return...

Army Officer Jobs
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Surrounded by like-minded people, we bring our best selves to work every day. We’re proud to be in the Army. We’re proud to belong. Discover if Army Officer life is for you: [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
Beat the weather this winter with the latest in rugged fashion, road tested by the Royal Engineers. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
Bored at work? Longing for something more challenging? The Army has a place for you. Whether you’re Regular or a Reservist, you’ll work with like-minded people in environments that you may not have expected. It beats boring biscuits in the office. See if you're a good fit: [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
In the Army, ordinary won’t cut it. Push yourself. Achieve more. Break your routine. Accept the challenge that has been set and exceed it. You’ll learn from the best, work in the best team and lead the best soldiers you can imagine. Find your place: [ Link ]. #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
Being an Army Officer is more than a job. It's inspiring your team to be the best they can be and to make a difference. It's about leading your team to greatness. It's about pride and being a part of something bigger than you. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
300 press-ups. 300 sit-ups. Michael’s new fitness regime is just getting started. Find out how he’s maintaining his fitness levels and preparing his body for Sandhurst here: [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
Train together. Live together. Lead together. Stick together. Whatever your background, you’ll form incredible friendships in the Army. Find out about the different Officer roles open to you: [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
Train. Lead. Belong. The Army is so much more than what goes on in the barracks or on the battlefield. Throughout your career you will showcase your abilities, develop new management skills and face challenges that you could never have imagined. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
If you want a career full of challenge, adventure and camaraderie, join the Army as an Officer. Find out more about the variety of roles available. It doesn’t matter where you fit in – you have a place here. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong #OfficerJobs
Lead your platoon on operations. Lead the way in rebuilding lives. Lead and inspire your teams. Find out more about starting a career full of purpose with the Army. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong
Difficult conversations are a necessity when you’re training. Michael Goode offers his advice on talking to employers about the commitment needed to complete Reservist Training. [ Link ] #OfficerJourney
Getting Army supplies across the world is a crucial task – and we rely on our warehouse distributors to make it happen. It’s a role that requires travelling, expert knowledge and a lot of teamwork. If you're up to the challenge, join us today: [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong
When you join the Army, you’re joining our family. That’s why we invest in our troops: if you’re interested in being sponsored to becoming an Army Officer, follow the link now. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong
There’s more to being an Army Officer than fitness and military skills: you’ve got to have the expert knowledge needed to be an effective leader. Here, we’ll give you all the training and education you need to be able to lead with your heart and with your mind. Discover more now. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong
The British Army is one of the world’s best forces. And, leading our troops, are our world-class Army Officers. This is your chance to see what it takes to lead from the front. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong
"Experiencing an earthquake makes you realise how small you truly are." Captain Lee Sawyer rolled up his sleeves and got to work helping those in need after the Nepal earthquake. Read his experiences in #TheLocker [ Link ]
Behind every great team is a leader that managed to get the most out of them. Follow the link to find out where real leaders belong. [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong
Learn. Listen. Lead. If you can do this, you’ll make an excellent Army Officer – and you’ll earn the loyalty of your soldiers. Follow the link to find out where real leaders belong [ Link ] #FindWhereYouBelong