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New works in progress
Repurposing milk bottles to store paint
Moments from Seesharpfest

Making table tops with bottle caps, lids and washers with acrylic and resin at #seesharp festival in ashwem, #goa

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Tickets on seesharpfest.com
Here in #ashwem #Goa, see you the weekend at the #Seesharp festival, join me at the #sustainability #decor #workshop

Tickets on seesharpfest.com
Every interpretation is a new story in itself
Sameer will display anatomy-inspired paintings made playfully with different viscocities of acrylic embedded in thick resin layers.

ART35, is a grand 3 day festival celebrating the best of India's young artists & designers. Filled with events, music, food, art design and loads of fun.

Painting Exhibition at Art35, Byculla East, Mumbai

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SH360V7: Two Trains in a #360view