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Join us for the final free 'Art from Milingimbi' lecture with Rebecca Conway, ethnography curator at the University of Sydney's Macleay Museum.

Lecture series: Art from Milingimbi

Celebrate the festive season with an end-of-year banquet at CHISWICK at the Gallery. Group bookings and venue hire available.

CHISWICK at the Gallery

Painted during a WWII bombing, it's no wonder these
#NudeAGNSW exhibiton-goers need some time to digest Belgian artist Paul Delvaux's surrealist work 'Sleeping Venus'. Delvaux explained that "the psychology of that moment was very exceptional, full of drama and anguish... I wanted to express this anguish in the picture, contrasted with the calm of Venus".

See it in 'Nude: art from the Tate...
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There are a few spots available for our 'The kiss' drawing workshop Tuesday 6 Dec at 8:45am. Materials and #NudeAGNSW entry is included.

Draw Rodin’s ‘The kiss’

As requested by a follower, here you can see Ron Mueck's 3m tall and 1.3 tonne 'Wild man' sculpture in #NudeAGNSW next to an exhibition visitor for scale.

'Nude: art from the Tate collection' is on now: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Image: Ron Mueck 'Wild man' 2005. ARTIST ROOMS, acquired jointly with the National Galleries of Scotland through The d'Offay Donation with assistance from the National...
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One of the #artgalleryofnsw's recent major acquisitions is Louise Bourgeois' bronze 'Arched figure' which was cast in 2010, the year of the artist's death. The figure itself formed the basis of much of Bourgeois' work and grew out of her interest in the various dimensions of fear and pain. Here, it is shown in #NudeAGNSW adjacent to several of her paintings.

See it in the flesh: [ Bit.ly Link ]
ANNOUNCEMENT: The #NationalAU artists have been revealed including Yhonnie Scarce, Gordon Bennett, Emily Floyd, Taloi Havini, Alex Martinis Roe, Tom Nicholson and Tiger Yaltangki among many more. 'The National: new Australian art' spans the #artgalleryofnsw, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Carriageworks.

More information: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Image: Yhonnie Scarce 'Death Zephyr' 2017...
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"I feel that my paintings stress the equality of men and women (women and men). To me, women were often portrayed as sex objects in humiliating poses. I wanted to give my perspective. I liked to portray both man and woman as intelligent and thoughtful people with dignity and humanism that emphasised love and joy." – Sylvia Sleigh.

This work is part of #NudeAGNSW: [ Bit.ly Link ]
The full...
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This Wednesday, join Glenn Barkley in the 'Nude' exhibition for insights into De Kooning’s 'The visit', hear from artist and activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater who is recognised internationally for her creative practice and voice in radical body politics, and much more.

Art After Hours 30 November 2016

Possibly the most recognised contemporary work in #NudeAGNSW is this sharp protest by Guerilla Girls, the pioneering anonymous artist collective whose work and motto to this day remain 'Reinventing the "F" word: feminism!'.

See it in the flesh: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Image: Guerilla Girls 'Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?' 1989 © Guerrilla Girls.
Join The Australian National University's Professor of Anthropology Howard Morphy in Tuesday's free lecture on 'Art from Milingimbi'. Professor Morphy will speak about his relationship with the artists, art and material culture and the influence of the Church on the community and its art. More info: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Image: Binyinyuwuy Djarrankuykuy 'Fish' 1960s © Binyinyuwuy Estate. Licensed...
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Julian Ashton's heroic representation of the Australian type – a gold digger stained by his labours and tanned by the sun. This painting is on display in the #artgalleryofnsw's 19th century Australian art gallery.

Image: Julian Ashton 'The prospector' 1889. AGNSW collection.
This is one of the oldest dated oil paintings in the #artgalleryofnsw's collection, created around 430 years ago. Paul Bril was a Flemish painter and printmaker who spent most of his career in Rome. His landscapes had a major influence on landscape painting in Europe.

This work is on display in our 15th-19th century European art gallery.

Image: Paul Bril 'A wooded landscape with a bridge and...
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"I have the feeling that I’m alive, I have a body. I’m seventy years old, and generally bodies of seventy year-old men look somewhat like my body... I’m using my body and saying, even though it’s a seventy year-old body, I can make it extremely interesting. That keeps me alive and gives me vitality. It’s a kind of process of energising myself."

Uncover more perspectives in #NudeAGNSW: [...
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The nude in art has persisted yet changed, acquiring new meanings in the hands of successive generations.

Nude: Art from the Tate Collection

Art Almanac explores the legacy of mythic Australian performance artist Barbara Cleveland and the ways she influenced a new work opening at the Gallery this weekend.

Barbara Cleveland Institute: Bodies in Time | Art Almanac

This beautiful headdress, made from white cockatoo feathers with a pendant of red parakeet feathers, is worn by the person leading a Makarrata ceremony – an event that aims to bring about reconcile and understanding between people. The Gallery took part in a Makarrata in August this year for representatives from institutions from around the world that hold material like this piece from...
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This Wednesday at Art After Hours, hear Sydney Dance Company's artistic director Rafael Bonachela explore art and the body or join Dr Tim Gregory when he discusses the 'Nud cycladic' series by Sarah Lucas. That, and much more.

Art After Hours 23 November

Join 'Art from Milingimbi: taking memories back' curator Cara Pinchbeck when she discusses the collaboration between the Gallery and the Milingimbi people, and how they have brought this exhibition to life.

1pm Tuesday, free: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Lecture series: Art from Milingimbi

Between March and April 1906, 300,000 people came to the Gallery to see Holman Hunt's painting 'The light of the world'. If you look closely, you'll notice that the #artgalleryofnsw was called the National Gallery of New South Wales at the time, and on very close inspection an early version of the state's license plates (number 218) can be seen on the back of one of the hansom cabs.

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