History made when our current President fulfilled the Campaign promises showing 2 previous President's speeches . . . [ Youtube.com Link ]

Haha woww! Years in the making and the media was silent.

History in the making with swearing in of Oregon's Secretary of State. The Oregon State Capitol was full and full of optimism. See who was there.
The Voice of Reason Award from The Heartland Institute goes to Arthur Robinson.
Many came to witness history with the Inauguration of Dennis Richardson as our Secretary of State. The reception line was long. Room was crowded. Enthusiasm was the word of the day.
Reflecting on 2016 and looking forward to 2017 and 2018. Take a look back over the last year here.
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Speaking at Eagle Forum.
Coastline of CD4
State of Oregon Official Results on Secretary of Stare web site:
[ Oregon.gov Link ]
You can read, download or print it out now.... as OFFICIAL !
Did you know this history of Brookings in CD4 ? As we remember Pearl Harbor ... we must remember our history,
Donald J. Trump, President Elect, spoke about this in his Pearl Harbor speech today. We talked about it, took pictures about it, recorded about it, did radio ads about it, Facebooked about it. We Want to secure the Promise to our Veterans. After 30 years of Representation in CD4, nothing happened here or anywhere in Oregon.