Al Capone 1930s Chicago themed gangster mural.
Airbrush and aerosol on board.
First one for 2017
Last one for 2016 with Dmerc. Happy new year.
Fun one today with Idol Motions
Commissioned art work on the side of a new apartment building on Duoro Rd, Sth Fremantle.
Playing with some transperant techniques. Aerosol and Airbrush on canvas
Did a short interview with Graff.Funk. Check it out
"Architects" Private commissioned graffiti wall in a new home. Email If you would like a price on a custom graffiti feature wall.
Just completed this 4 x 5 mtr mural in a new apartment complex in Fremantle. The cut off tentacle continues on to another level.
Teamed up with Australian based underwear company Sly Collective to bring you these graffiti boxer briefs. Give them a like/follow and stay tuned for the release, which should be before Christmas.
Check out this new gallery and group show which I have a few works on display along with many other talented Perth artists.