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Happy Mother's Day! How has your mum helped your with your diagnosis? Or how do you help her? We'd like to share tips to help everyone, whether you're a mum or not, to push back the limits of arhritis.
Arthritis Research UK
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Dawn told us: 'For everyday wear, I use lightweight walking boots as I walk a lot and need the ankle support'.

Find more footwear tips in the latest edition of Arthritis Today magazine [ Link ]

Choosing the right shoes for you | Arthritis Research UK
Arthritis Research UK
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Meet Nora, aged 68, from Yorkshire:

“The first joint pain I experienced was in my early 40s which even made going up the stairs painful. Now in my 60s, the exercises I do are for general fitness and also concentrate on helping my knees and back. I find simple exercises I do at home, with everyday items such as a tennis ball has reduced the pain, and I am able to manage my pain though...
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"Ballet has really helped with arthritis. It's all about stretching and strengthening as well as posture, and I didn't realise it would be so beneficial for my joints."

Read all about how Nicki was inspired to take up ballet, despite her inflammatory arthritis in Arthritis Today Online Magazine [ Link ]
Is running good or bad for your joints? Researchers at the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis have embarked on a long-term study which aims to answer the questions about running and arthritis once and for all.

Read about this new study in the latest edition of Arthritis Today Online Magazine [ Link ]
This British Science Week let’s celebrate the difference that research has made to people like Jane.

“Without doubt I’m a real success story. After a number of miscarriages I was finally diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) and received treatment. I now have three beautiful children, and it’s fair to say that Arthritis Research UK was instrumental in the research that allowed me to...
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Just launched - the latest edition of Arthritis Today Online Magazine! In this edition, we're talking joint replacements, barriers to movement, shoes and much more. Visit our website to read all of the articles >> [ Link ]
Did you know that exercise has been proven to help reduce pain and stiffness in our joints? Check out these five new easy to follow exercise videos that have been designed for people with joint pain, which can easily fit into your everyday life.
To try them out, go here: [ Link ]
Physical activity is a key part of a public health approach to musculoskeletal conditions and today, we are pleased to be launching our new report, ‘Providing physical activity interventions for people with musculoskeletal conditions’ at the annual LGA/ADPH annual conference.

The report has been produced in partnership with the Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England and...
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This #InternationalWomensDay we're celebrating women scientists! Find out more about Dr Fionula Brennan and her role in developing Anti-TNF therapies on our website >> [ Link ]
In the coming weeks, we’ll be meeting with some arthritis experts to talk about joint injections and we’re looking for questions to ask them! Is there anything you’d like to know about joint injections, soft tissue conditions or injury and trauma related questions?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to pose some of them to the experts.
Did you know that March is National Bed Month? A sleep problem can make fatigue caused by arthritis even worse and can affect mood, memory and concentration, while leading to further muscle tension and pain.

There are numerous ways you can improve your sleep, including keeping a sleep diary, avoiding caffeine and making adjustments to your mattress and pillows. Find out more [ Link...
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Lindley Cllr Cahal Burke is fundraising for Arthritis Research UK by running the London marathon.

Cahal was diagnosed with arthritis last year, and this could be his last marathon. We want to thank Cahal on this #fundraisingFriday. Amazing work; we really appreciate your efforts.

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We have been awarded £90,000 by Masonic Charitable Foundation to conduct a three year research study into rheumatoid arthritis

[ Link ]
Happy St David’s Day! We are currently spending £5.2 million on research projects in Wales, and aim to harness the power of exceptional science to make everyday life better for all people with all kinds of arthritis.

Know someone in Wales with arthritis? Tag their name below so they can read about the work we’re doing.

Hapus ddydd Gwyl Dewi!

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We're supporting Mencap today, asking the government to stop devastating #ESAcuts.
Happy Pancake Day everyone! Today we'll be whipping up a batch of these pancakes from Cooking with Arthur.

Are you making pancakes today? Do you prefer them sweet or savoury? Any tips to share?

Cooking with Arthur: Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) Recipe
Who's watching the Oscars tonight? We say: let's celebrate the Best Supporting people who help push back the limits of arthritis :) Who would your Oscar go to?
If you are living with arthritis, do you have any product designs which you rely on or love, which help to make your everyday life easier? This could be a gadget that helps you prepare food more easily, do household chores, gardening or get dressed more easily. Arthritis Tip Share want to hear from you: [ Link ]

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