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This Thursday from 12pm - 1pm, join our professional webinar on MSK and work health.

Professor Tony Woolf, Chair of ARMA in partnership with Arthritis Research UK and the BSR will be presenting a webinar on work and health for people with musculoskeletal conditions.

The Musculoskeletal (MSK) Health in the Workplace Project aims to prevent work loss caused by musculoskeletal problems The...
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It’s #FundraiserFriday! Matthew, 20, is taking on a huge challenge for Arthritis Research UK by trekking to the Everest Base Camp - that's over 5,000m!

Matthew says ‘A few years ago, my dad was diagnosed with arthritis and as time goes on, I have seen how progressively difficult everyday tasks have become for him.

Up until his diagnosis, I would never have known or given a second thought...
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Thanks so much for sharing your experiences of living with arthritis.

We are listening, and we are working with design organisations, such as the Design Council, to push for better designed products.

In the meantime, if you or anyone you know has a bright idea for an arthritis friendly design, share it with the Design Council Spark programme to help bring your idea to life: [...
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Did you watch GPs: Behind Closed Doors last night? One patient in last night's episode was finding it difficult to lose weight and exercise due to his arthritis and his doctor recommended swimming.

Swimming can help build strength and flexibility as well as improving cardiovascular health and increasing stamina.

If you're not sure where to start with swimming, read Charles' story which...
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Happy New Year!

What products would you like to be more arthritis friendly?

Why designing for Arthritis makes commercial sense

Our offices are now closed until the 3rd of January. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2017...
We’ve got one final Christmas tip for you before Sunday and it’s an important one: food!

Cooking the Christmas turkey can be a difficult task but using a self-basting recipe can make it a lot easier and means you don’t have to keep taking the turkey out of the oven.

Do you have a favourite recipe you’ll be using this Christmas? Let us know!
This Christmas 600,000 people living with arthritis are isolated, and forced out of the workforce

Give a voice to these people, and help people with arthritis both in and out of work to remain independent this Christmas >> [ Bit.ly Link ]
There’s just 24 hours left to Share your Everyday with us. Share your tips, advice and stories on living with arthritis on our website >> [ Bit.ly Link ] and help us find the next big idea to help you.
“When you get back to work if there is something that you can’t manage, especially if you used to be able to do it, that can be quite demoralising. But when your employer is aware of that and offers you help around that, then that is great.”

This is Charles’s story. His employers supported his phased return to work after a knee replacement, and were understanding.

Is your condition impacting...
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Join Clare and hundreds of people across the UK who have signed our Work Matters to me open letter.

Clare was diagnosed with arthritis before she was even 3.

She said: “I sometimes get ‘but you look well’ when I tell people about my condition. I came into work on crutches one Monday and someone said ‘oh, have you had a heavy weekend?’ and I said ‘I have got arthritis’. The person who said...
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There’s only a few days left to share your everyday with us!

We’re looking for the ways you push back on the limits of arthritis to help us find the next big idea, so don’t miss your chance to share your story >> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Christmas is fast approaching and most GP surgeries will either close or open with reduced hours. Don’t forget to get your prescriptions sorted asap so you can have a relaxed and stress-free Christmas!

We’re still looking for your tips on having a stress-free Christmas when you have arthritis. Let us know your tips here >> [ Bit.ly Link ]

Share your everyday, Shape our future

Have you ever hid your condition from friends, family, or work colleagues?

“I didn’t feel like people would understand, so I would wear long sleeves and hide my hands under my desk so no one could see how bad they were.”

This is what Amanda went through. She’s been sharing her story as part of our Work Matters to Me campaign for fair employment support and welfare for people with...
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Working With Arthritis - Make Your Voice Heard | The Huffington Post

Nora's tip for the easiest way to wrap presents is not to wrap them! You can put them in gift bags instead with some scrunched up tissue paper at the top. If you do wrap presents, non-slip paper grips can help make sure the paper doesn't get away. What tips do you have for wrapping presents if your hands or wrists are flaring up? [ Bit.ly Link ]
There's so much exciting festive TV coming up in the next few weeks. Why not make the most of your TV time by doing some chair exercises from the comfort of your own living room? We have some ideas on our website >> [ Bit.ly Link ] but be sure to share yours too >> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Do you recognise this experience of working with arthritis?

"For too long I tried to bend my work life (and my private life) around my condition. Around the hospital appointments, around pain management, around the anxiety."

Read Bobbie's fantastic blog for us on the challenges he's faced at work, the highs and lows, and the things he wants to see change to help people with arthritis [...
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'Please don't shake my hand' - Bobbie's story of working with arthritis | Arthritis Research UK

Have you put up any Christmas decorations yet?Make sure you don't overstretch yourself and use a step-stool to help put decorations up high or find a tall friend to help! We'd love to see your decoration pictures and read your tips on putting yours up! [ Bit.ly Link ]
1 in 5 of people are worried they won't be fit enough to continue working in the next year

That is the concerning statistic a new survey released today has revealed.

Are you worried that your condition could stop you from staying in work? How has arthritis affected your worklife?

Read the full story and then take action by signing our Work Matters to Me open letter and telling the...
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One in five worried about being fit enough to work next year | Arthritis Research UK

Bobbie, in his 30s, was in tears when he was told he should give up work because of his arthritis.

Today we're launching a new campaign for people like Bobbie, and we need your help to send a message to Government. There are thousands of people living with arthritis who are not receiving adequate support to help them find or remain in work.

Even worse, when people are not able to work...
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Sign Arthritis Research UK's Work Matters to Me open letter to Government