Find our Asahi bar and sample our range this weekend at the Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival – a celebration of traditional Japanese culture. Kanpai!
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In Japan, placing ginger on sushi is a common beginner's mistake. Ginger, or 'shoga', is intended to be eaten between different types of fish, acting as a palate cleanser.
Soukai; Japanese for refreshing. Experience our easy-drinking 3.5% ABV lager for yourself, expertly brewed using quality Japanese brewing techniques.
It's customary in Japan to serve one another an Asahi, rather than to pour your own.
Our breweries have sensory experts who randomly test samples of Asahi for taste and consistency, ensuring our beers are above all else. Kanpai to that!
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Enjoy their fresh, seasonal share plates and modern interpretations of pub classics, including mouth-watering yellowfin tuna with yuzu and habanero dressing. Throw in some Coffin Bay oysters and an Asahi Super Dry for a dining experience that's above all else.
Osaka is home to our famous neon-lit Asahi Super Dry sign, standing tall over the popular Dōtonbori strip. It's also where Asahi was created, at Japan's first brewery in 1892.
If you're heading to MONA FOMA this weekend, be sure to stop by our Asahi Bar and sample our premium range, including Asahi Super Dry Black and Asahi Super Dry Draught.
Photo credit: Mona/Rémi Chauvin.
Housed in a millionaire's underground lair on the banks of the River Derwent in Hobart, MONA - Museum of Old and New Art is an art lover's dream come true. Explore it for yourself at this week's MONA FOMA festival and join us for a refreshing post-art Asahi.
Photo credit: Mona/Rémi Chauvin.
Designed to be paired perfectly with any meal, our Asahi Soukai is a refreshingly full-flavoured 3.5% ABV created from the same DNA as Asahi Super Dry, best enjoyed in the Summertime.
Experience our Asahi Super Dry Black, offering the rich, malty characteristics of a darker brew while still capturing the refreshing, dry taste of Asahi Super Dry you know and love.
At Asahi, we take pride in creating Japan's first dry beer, Asahi Super Dry. In 1987, our brewers believed that beer should taste crisp and refreshing, without interfering with the taste of food. To this day, our recipe for Asahi Super Dry has remained unchanged, offering a beer experience that's above all else. #aboveallelse
In Japan, Toshikoshi Soba noodles, which symbolise longevity, are traditionally served on New Year's Eve. It is thought that the long, thin shape of soba reflects the wish for a long life, and symbolise letting go of troubles from the old year. Akemashite Omedetou! (Happy new year!).
Crisp and refreshing, our Asahi Soukai is an easy-drinking, full-flavoured 3.5% ABV that's perfect for the Summer-time.
"It's great to be the women's world champion, but it's also really fantastic to be up there competing with the men – being a true competitor."

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Asahi and Broadsheet Melbourne are proud to present the final installment of 'Above All Else', exploring stories of passion, precision and pride from individuals who have excelled in their respective crafts.
"Sometimes you're encroaching on, and you're competing with, something else in the water. Just because I don't see them, doesn't mean they're not there. I think many sharks have seen me."

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We've partnered with Broadsheet Melbourne to proudly present 'Above All Else', a series of films focusing on the makers and doers who embody precision, passion and pride in their unique professions.
Need a last-minute gift idea? Impress this Christmas with our stylish Asahi Super Dry gift pack, featuring 4 x Asahi Super Dry bottles and 2 x 300ml frosted glasses.

Available now at Cellarbrations, The Bottle-O and IGA Liquor stores.
"Some of my proudest moments are when I deliver honey and honeycomb to places around the city. One of those being Cumulus Inc."

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