Our 2017 #ASBClassic Mens Doubles champions #WhereItAllBegins
Lauren Davis, the 2017 title holder and champion of the #ASBClassic womens singles #LoveTennis #ASBClassicHighlights
It wasn't just talent on the court, but on the stage at #TheServe. An undeniable #ASBClassicHighlight
On 1st January, Venus Williams and Serena Williams helped ASB Bank raise $65,000 for Kaikoura in a charity match, and now the Queen's of the court are making waves again with an all Williams final at the Australian Open - we are excited!
An amazing 2017 Tournament - brimming with talent and tennis. This year has been incredible and we can't wait to share what we have in store for 2018 #LoveTennis #WhereItAllBegins
Marcos Baghdatis, crowd favourite and worthy competitor at The #ASBClassic, stole the spotlight at the 2017 Semi-Finals #ASBClassicHighlights #WhereItAllBegins
What motivates you? Rebel Sport NZ asked that to some of the worldโ€™s top tennis players while they were at the #ASBClassic โ€“ see what they have to say.
The Rally for Charity at the 2017 #ASBClassic raised more than $18,090 - an amazing way to start the year #ASBClassicHighlights
Jack Sock, the 2017 title holder and champion of the mens singles at The #ASBClassic #LoveTennis #ASBClassicHighlights
The Kiwis are doing NZ proud with three first round wins at the Australian Open!

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Tennis: Great start for Kiwis at Australian Open - Sport - NZ Herald News

A toast, to one of the best and most successful #ASBClassic Tournament's ever. Thank you all for being a part of it #LoveTennis #WhereItAllBegins
Celebrating Sunday the right way and looking back on the amazing week that was! #ASBClassic #WhereItAllBegins
The battle for glory - see the Men's Week highlight reel right here! #ASBClassic
LIVE with our 2017 winner Jack Sock
Jack Sock walks away a champion. A fight well fought and a victory title well deserved. Congratulations to our 2017 winner! #ASBClassic #WhereItAllBegins
LIVE with our 2017 runner up Joรฃo Sousa
Don't worry 'bout it, KINGS is in the stadium at #TheServe at 6:30pm, you do not want to miss this #LoveTennis
Itโ€™s a battle to the bitter end. Who will take home the #ASBClassic title? #LoveTennis
Celebrate Saturday, the finals and toast to the champion at the Lighthouse Garden Bar - serving drinks just in time for the 2017 finals #LoveTennis