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Are you at risk of alienating your staff? Experts suggest looking for these 5 indicators.

Five Ways to Tell If Teachers Are Checked Out
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Always take the time to thank your teachers.
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Every educator can take steps to drive equity and when we make a personal connection to students, and understand our own personal commitment to making a difference, equity can thrive. Listen to this podcast to learn strategies that work: [ Link ]

Where Do Educators Fit in the Battle for Educational Equity? - BAM! Radio Network
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Here is a curated list of resources that offer ways to integrate appropriate strategies to help all students succeed in your classroom.

15 Resources on Creating Inclusive Classrooms
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Will siloed curriculum soon be considered a learning model of the past?

Tearing Down the Silos in K-12 Curricula
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Here are five bold suggestions for actions that educators can take in 2017 to use their voices.

Using Your Voice to Advocate for Education in 2017
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Here are some of our personal favorite reflective practices to help prevent teacher burnout.

Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout
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To ensure that all students achieve their own level of success with this, here are five ideas to think about.

Five Student-Centered Ways to Support Unpacking Complex Text
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Want to know how to transform learning, teaching, and assessment for the innovation era? Register today and learn what skills and capacities teachers and leaders need to create and sustain 21st-century students.

Bold Moves For Schools Free Webinar
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Be visible, take interest, and listen. Both you and your students will be better for it.

3 Quick Ways to Build Relationships with Students
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Supporting the whole child means supporting every child, including transgender students. [ Link ]
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We cannot rely solely on “reading” teachers to help students tackle difficult or unfamiliar text in order to gain necessary information.

3 Literacy Concepts for Developing Students’ Skills in Reading, Writing and Thinking
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As educators, you want to make progress and meaningful moves to support all learners. In this free webinar presented by Marie Alcock, learn how to design remarkable, creative learning environments. Register today. [ Link ]

ASCD Webinar: Making Bold Moves
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Learn why some schools are teaching consent education before students get to college.

Saying Yes to Consent Education
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Creating a school climate that supports success for all students requires intentional planning. Peter DeWitt recommends the "Big 5" questions as the starting point. Listen to this short podcast to get DeWitt's strategies to turn ideas into meaningful action: [ Link ]
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As you begin teaching, remember that there are very positive aspects to teaching.

How To Never Lose Your Passion in Education
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Writing is a powerful tool that can foster learning by making explicit what goes on in the mind of someone who is learning.

Writing as a Tool to Foster Learning
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"So next time I get accused of not 'teaching' enough, I’ll take it as a compliment"

From Teacher to Learning Guide
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When you help your students expand their vocabulary, you enable them to speak, read, and write with greater understanding and confidence. Learn 101 strategies that work.

101 Strategies to Make Academic Vocabulary Stick
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Read here for 3 quick ways to build relationships with students. [ Link ]