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You have questions about funding your education. We have answers. Watch this video to see the many different funding options available to students.
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Thinking about an MBA? Check off these boxes first. [ Link ]
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We thought of some ways you can reward yourself after a long week. Take a look at our Pinterest suggestions and add yours below! [ Link ]
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Struggling with grammar, sentence structure, or APA style? Losing points on your assignments because of writing errors? Submit your work to the Writing Center for review and receive detailed feedback within 24 hours. See the video: [ Link ]
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Ashford alum Olivia Rastello hopes to inspire other students who are facing difficult medical conditions and don’t think they’ll be able to manage college. Find out how she overcame obstacles to earn her degree. [ Link ]
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We’re three months away from commencement! Here’s everything you need to prepare your petition to graduate, get your cap and gown, and make your travel plans. We’ll see you soon! [ Link ]
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Today is Presidents’ Day in the United States. Do you have a favorite president? Tell us who it is and share a story about why that president inspires you!
Dr. Maja Zelihic teaches and serves as a Program Chair in the Forbes School of Business & Technology. She realizes the significant role education can play in changing a student’s life and strives to assist and motivate her students in any way that she can. Let us know how Dr. Zelihic has impacted your education. [ Link ]
Looking for an opportunity to grow and expand your career with an MBA? [ Link ]
How do YOU show your school spirit? Get your gear here. [ Link ]
“Education is a gateway to opportunities. It’s the teeth to making dreams, goals, and aspirations happen. It brings self-worth to a person, and once a person has self-worth, then they can no longer be enslaved.” – Dr. Newton Miller, Program Chair for the Department of Education Studies at Ashford [ Link ]
Congrats to these students for making the Fall 2016 Dean's List. Review the criteria to see what sets you apart. [ Link ]
What does your love language mean? [ Link ]
Making the right connection can change your career. Sign up to meet fellow Ashford grads at our Alumni Connect website and start networking today! [ Link ]
Are you or someone you know thinking about going back to school? In this video, learn about Ashford's enrollment services and how Ashford’s online application process works. [ Link ]
Getting your degree online requires many steps. Let us help you take the first one. [ Link ]
It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and we’re sending you love early! Here’s our newest Spotify playlist to add some romance to your weekend. Listen and tell us your favorite love song! [ Link ]
Before you sit down to do your taxes this year, make sure you understand how tuition, educational expenses, and student loans can impact your tax return: [ Link ]
As he watched many of his colleagues get laid off during the Great Recession, Michael Collier realized he needed to build his skills to increase his value to employers. He came to Ashford, earned his degree, and saw his prospects improve immediately. Read Michael’s story: [ Link ]