Shld I rejoice tht my uni is no 1 in the world or shld I moan tht not a single uni from #India features in the top 200? #unirank #Oxford [ Link ]
This is an absolute gem and a priceless interview offering great learning for our younger generation in public speaking. The 90+ legend has such command on his tallaffus (diction), rich vocabulary in both languages. The non agitated state, grasp on past events, definitive pauses, neutrality in voice tone, confident eyes are all cornerstones of social interaction. Those who denounce education,...
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This is to officially announce that I have decided to drop Dr. R.K. Pachauri's testimonial which features on the cover of my book, True Dummy - A Fable of Existence . This is in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations against him, particularly after the second person finding the courage to come forward. His testimonial, when compared to the story emerging of his conduct, now appear to me...
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Thanking Maroof Raza, Indian Defense Analyst, for the invitation to the ideas on India! Stimulating. With Arnab Goswami, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Kiran Bedi, Mark Tully
Press - in hard at Sharjah International Book Fair !
What an incredible reception at Sharjah Indian School! Brilliant minds with fascinating dreams. Almost felt like I am living Part 3 of #truedummy. Sharjah Indian School Sharjah International Book Fair journey.
Delighted to be one of the invited authors from around the world at Sharjah Book Festival this year. All thanks to your prayers and blessings. smile emoticon [ Link ] #SIBF15
J. Stewart made a multimillion-dollar fortune by writing calculus books, selling 500,000 books for $26.6m last yr
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Go ahead and park. Your car should be safe from being 'punctured' ;) [ Link ]
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The Plot Twist: E-Book sales slip and print is far from dead [ Link ] [ Link ]
Surreal performance @sonalikulkarni in #gardishmaintare. Sold out in #Delhi [ Link ]
What happens when your close friends get your book - they asks for your… [ Link ]
Always question when someone asks you to consider himself as your #hero. @swaraj_abhiyan @ArvindKejriwal @BJP4India [ Link ]
#pothole #delhi 's #brokenheart [ Link ]
"How to Reform a Business School - for business schools wanting to break the shackles of the ordinary" #yale #mba
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Narayan Murthy's criticism of #IITs resonates what I wrote a while ago - Cracking IIT as Monkey Business [ Link ]
Govt to fund students cracking #IIM, #IIT from MP (Madhya Pradesh) [ Link ]