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Ashish Shakya
12/05/2016 at 06:50. Facebook
Our new sketch on demonetisation is out! You won't have to stand in line to watch this one. #Share4GoodGovernance (P.S. Sexpotato Rahul Subramanian has killed it here.)

[ Youtube.com Link ]

AIB : The Demonetization Circus - YouTube

New AIB video! This one combines my favourite kind of people - Bollywood types and marketing. Share for sex.

[ Youtube.com Link ]

AIB : Every Bollywood Marketing Meeting Ever - YouTube

New AIB video! Live coverage of all the action and drama from the sport everyone fumbles at... flirting.

[ Youtube.com Link ]

AIB : Flirty Messaging League - YouTube

Quick Diwali lulz by AlB, feat. best firecracker in all land Indiaaaaaa :D #Share4prosper #Thenks
Ooh, a two-day long celebration of horror, courtesy Anuya Jakatdar and The Hive. A quiz by Rohan Joshi, a verr special workshop by Kan Surka and comedy by Utsav Chakraborty, plus a ton of other fun stuff. What's not to like? See you there!

Books on Toast Presents: The King’s Screech

EVENT - facebook.com
HAPPY NEW AIB VIDEO DAY! Here's the forgotten story of what happened between India and Britain 69 years ago. Chekkit!

[ Youtube.com Link ]

AIB : The Day India Resigned - YouTube

Here's a quick ode to the randoms on your friend list. You know who you are. I think. Happy Unfriendship Day!
First guest lecture. More to come :)
*knockknockknock* Raj? *knockknockknock* Raj?
Better Life Foundation is one of the funnest shows out there. The cast, as they say, is 2gudyaar. And we're more than happy to host them on the AIB channel. Chekkit!

[ Youtube.com Link ]


ICYMI, AIB's coming to Australia! Melbourne on the 6th of May, at Forum Theatre, and Sydney on the 8th of May at the Enmore Theatre.

Tickets here: [ Abpresents.com.au Link ]

See you there mate good on you mate who dares wins crikey vegemite Baggy Green Shibani Dandekar (Okay, I'm out of Aussie references.)
NEW VID ALERT! AIB's Honest Bars and Restaurants is out. Check it out if you like to y'know, eat or drink: goo.gl/4IbMYH

AIB : Honest Bars & Restaurants