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01/20/2017 at 19:21. Facebook
Alexiss Swimwear has been working hard on bringing you 4 new styles coming in the next few weeks! Lots in the works & lots of attention to detail.
For your patience, use code ALEXISS15 for 15% off the current suits available on Order today to be shipped tomorrow
Ashley Alexiss
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When a penguin finds their mate, that's their mate for life ❤ #MyFamily #RidiculousEngagementPhoto #YesWeDidThis #PenguinsFoLife
Robert Sleeper Photography LLC
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I'm here to save the day

Daisy Corsets
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Can't help but smile when in Daisy Corsets
What are your playoff picks? For my fellow New England Patriots fans, check this out from Off the Monster Sports

Ashley Alexiss Is Here To Get All The Fellas Ready For New England Patriots Playoff Football!
I'll be in New Orleans this weekend with Daisy Corsets for the Halloween expo!

Fun little fact about this industry is everything is done 9-12 months ahead of time haha

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Trying to decide where to spend Valentine's Day under the stars. Tag some of your favorite resorts & locations in the comments below.

Photo from LUX* South Ari Atoll #Maldives The Asia Collective
Thanks to those who came out to say hiii!! Maybe you'll see me out and about at more coming soon ; )
Live from the Spencer's store here at Cherry Hill mall
Meet me at the Cherry Hill, NJ mall in one hour at the Spencer's store ; )
Flower girl
Day two of shooting with Spencer's
Shooting with Spencer's today!
Hope your day is better than mine :( I got that nasty cold that's going around ????
Yes. I have a doggie hoodie aka a hoodie with a pouch meant to carry a pup
He's perfect in every way ❤ todd : )
Happy January! <3

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Photo by Robert Sleeper Photography LLC
My new addiction is Twisted Metal.. Todd is my helpful sidekick