Meet my Best Fitness Friend Deckline Leitão who motivates me to stay fit! The most technically sound fitness expert I have ever worked with. Who’s yours? #RedBullBFF
"When opportunity presents itself grab it.Hold on tight and don't let go"-Celia Cruz
That was exactly what I did when I got a chance to play singles thanks to PBL 2017It was so much fun and such an honour playing the Olympic gold medalist and world champion #carolinamarin Post match selfie????#throwback#premierbadmintonleague2017#funtimes
Love my reading corner and the book I'm reading.'When God bowls a Googly---spiritual intelligence for sports by Ashwath Aiyappa' is such a lovely book.A must read!Especially if your into sports
Match tonight! Hoping for some extra cheering as we are the home team #bengalurublasters #nammabengaluru
Back in the gym...#bengalurublasters #nammabombaatblasters
Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year be nice to animals
What do we name this cutie??? #puppydoo #puppies #puppiesofinstagram
Doesn't she look like a character from The Jungle Book?
Merry Christmas
The book I'm reading now
No pain no gain! Finally got to make friends with these 3 fellows! #rollingtime
In beautiful Ireland! Our matches begin today :) @victorsportglobal #victorsports @redbull
How I love this city!
Lost the mixed but had a good win in Women's Doubles last night @sikkireddy
My matches today at the Scottish Open: Mixed Doubles with Nandagopal at 12:00 pm, Women's Doubles at Sikki Reddy at 8:00 pm. Thank you for the wishes I have been receiving on my inbox :) Thanks to Ali Bharmal