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Can an art museum engender kinder and more respectful human interactions? Can it foster empathy and reduce hate? We think it can. We invite all to explore the differences and the similarities between people and between cultures. This weekend (Fri–Sun) our doors are open: pay what you wish.
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Cock-a-doodle-how-do-you-do? Our #YearoftheRooster countdown continues with this handsome bantam hailing from Java. This shadow puppet fashioned out of hide, wood and bamboo would have been used in Wayang Kulit theater — a thousand-year-old creative outlet for addressing life's conundrums. Get in on all the #LunarNewYear fun at the museum on Sunday, Jan 29.
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A classic case of not-a-terracotta. PROTIP, folks, see 7,000 of the real terracotta warriors at the Mausoleum of Qinshihuang. [via ARTFIXdaily]

Chinese Authorities Destroy Fake Terracotta Army at Bogus Attraction
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PERK ALERT: Now through the end of January, purchase a membership at any level and you’ll be automatically entered to win two FREE tickets to the San Francisco Symphony's Lunar New Year Concert and Imperial Dinner ($790 value) on Feb 4. Asian Art Museum members enjoy extra benefits with other Bay Area cultural institutions year round → .
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You’re invited to the biggest bash of the year: AFTERLIFE, our #TombTreasures preview party. We’re taking you underground (literally) with NEW discoveries of love and life from China’s Han dynasty. We'll see you in the AFTERLIFE →

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Roll in the Year of the Rooster with talented dancers and musicians at the Asian Art Museum’s annual Lunar New Year Celebration, Year of the Rooster Sunday, Jan 29. Kids 12 & under are always FREE.
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Notice something different about South Court? Our ✨ NEW ✨ giant 3D touchscreen will ensure that you'll never get lost in our museum again (unless that's the kind of thing you're looking for)! Get easy directions to exhibitions, masterpieces and other special spots in the museum at the touch of your fingertips. Directions and details can be viewed in English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional &...
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“[Seeing the #RamaEpic] was like my entire childhood came to life! I learned so much and had no idea the story traveled to other countries… I'm not a museum person but skipping the Rama epic felt like skipping out on Temple...” — Leena from Oakland, CA

This the FINAL WEEKEND to catch the #RamaEpic before it closes on Sunday, Jan 15.
We've got your Sunday plans: Omochitsuki! Mochi Pounding Ceremony. Paint a rooster, grab a fortune, and pound some mochi in celebration of the new year, as we host acclaimed group Kagami Kai for a deliciously sticky extravaganza. Event begins at 11 AM and is FREE with museum admission.
"Art not only endures, it thrives in good times and bad, offering us a reminder of human potential and value, and much-needed perspective and commentary on the world around us, regardless of its current state. Art reflects and refracts the world around us, makes it perhaps more understandable, often providing meaning where there seems to be none. It focuses and distills our thoughts, pushes us...
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Happy #NationalBirdDay! We're counting down the days to the Year of the Rooster with a rundown of crooning cockerels from our collection. This friendly fowl with green plum blossoms by celebrated Chinese painter Chen Dayu is a sign of celebration and good luck. Catch our full lineup of Lunar New Year festivities at the museum on Sunday, Jan 29.

Lunar New Year Celebration, Year of the Rooster
Dynamo Cambodian dance duo Charya Burt and Reaksmey Lath bring the Khmer version of the Ramayana (Reamker) to the museum this FREE Target Sunday, Jan 8. The two will demo gestures and movements of three key characters: Seda (Sita), Preah Ream (Rama) and Reab (Ravana). The performance is FREE and tix to the #RamaEpic are just $10 (#whatadeal)!
The #RamaEpic = "Amazing." Don't take our word for it, just ask Zakir Hussain, Indian tabla virtuoso, who recently toured our special exhibition galleries. See our ode to the ancient Hindu epic before in closes on Jan 15. Zakir will be back in Civic Center on Jan 18th to receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at SFJAZZ Gala.
BYE 2016 ✌ While San Francisco may not look as snowy as Aizu in this wintry woodblock print by Saito Kiyoshi, it sure is COLD. Be sure to check out our Target first FREE Sunday next week (Jan 8) and see the FINAL week of the #RamaEpic (just $10) accompanied by Cambodian dance with Charya Burt—we'll be closed tomorrow (Jan 1)!
When you visit our Himalayan gallery, the abundant paintings and sculptures of Buddhas may look similar at first glance: beatific expressions, half-closed eyes, long earlobes. Yet the differences run deep, and they reward those who venture closer. The paintings on view in #ABillionBuddhas are #thangkas, sacred artworks that can easily be rolled, or even taken on journeys. Extremely fragile,...
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"The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, has taken on an epic subject and staged a show to match it, bringing together much of the best Rama-inspired art ever made” — Apollo Magazine

An epic exhibition for an epic subject - Apollo Magazine
Lost in her devotion, a yogini sits on a terrace lit by the morning sun. Delicate sounds surround her — a conch shell, a bell, her own voice in prayer — even the cheetah remains transfixed. See this in #WorshipingWomen, an intimate look at divine female power through 12 paintings from the museum's collection. On view in our South Asia galleries. >>
❄❄ Happy Holidays! ❄❄ We'll be closed tomorrow (Dec 25) but open our doors again on Tues (Dec 27.) XOXO.
"We expect collaboration to succeed since working together is a positive methodology, but it fails a lot of the time. However, we learn more from failure, don't we?" — Koki Tanaka. Trial and error meet ego and bias in Koki Tanaka's #PottersandPoets. Watch the surprising (and amusing) events unfold as five potters struggle to make one pot, and five poets strive to compose a poem that leaves...
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