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Asian Art Museum
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It's nearly time for your monthly dose of high-drama dance. This Target Sunday (12/4), Chitresh Das Dance Company portrays the abduction of Sita through Kathak, a northern Indian classical dance style that uses music, movement and mime to narrate stories (12–1 PM & 2–3 PM). Get FREE entry all-day to our galleries and see the RamaEpic for just $10 >> bit.ly/RamaxPrgrms
Asian Art Museum
12/03/2016 at 00:50. Facebook
“In the modern construction, Sita is the perfect wife and always obedient, but that’s not true at all — she has a lot of spunk..." — Dr. Sally Sutherland Goldman on Sita, heroine of the #RamaEpic.

cc: UC Berkeley Center for Southeast Asia Studies

Sita's Ramayana: New Luster for an Ancient Legend

Asian Art Museum
12/02/2016 at 20:58. Facebook
A day in #MuseumLife: Textile conservator Denise Migdail inspects this gigantic battle standard hailing from the mid 19th-century Punjab region. For the first time in over 10 years, this silky splendor — in stunning condition — will be on view during next year's show "Saints and Kings: Arts, Culture, and Legacy of the Sikhs." Learn more about this piece: bit.ly/1998109ac


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Asian Art Museum
12/01/2016 at 04:02. Facebook
From toys to teapots, we've got the perfect gift. Peruse a dazzling array of ceramics, basketry, textiles, paintings, woodblock prints, sculpture, furniture, plush toys, puzzles, books and more. Your purchase directly supports the museum's educational programs and exhibitions as well as individual artists and their communities. Come visit our store (FREE entry) or check out store.asianart.org...
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Asian Art Museum
11/29/2016 at 17:38. Facebook
”My favorite part of belonging to the Asian Art Museum? Knowing I can be transported to other times and places.” — #AAMmember. Give the gift of art this season. Save 20% on gift memberships to the Asian Art Museum with promocode HOLIDAY20 >> bit.ly/aamHOLIDAY20
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Asian Art Museum
11/29/2016 at 02:18. Facebook
Shop with a purpose. Hand-hammered copper vessels bond modern aesthetics with classic Mesopotamian crafts. Every purchase of an #Akkadian copper votive provides a living wage for the Iraqi women artisans of @AkkadianCollection, recently resettled from refugee camps. Candles arrive packaged in exquisitely designed gift boxes, each with a customized story card about the woman artist who made...
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"Imagine a figure who has been loved and worshipped by hundreds of millions of people... a personality for whom countless kings have modeled themselves." — Benoy K. Behl, documentarian

Meet the Director: Acclaimed Indian documentarian Benoy K. Behl traveled across South and Southeast Asia to capture how #TheRamaEpic is interpreted across cultures. Join Behl at the Asian Art Museum for the...
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"I consider it my job to help the clay express its beauty. Clay leads, and my hands follow. I do not know what shape my work is going to end up even when I am making it ... once in the fire, the piece is no longer mine." — Mihara Ken. See this work among an intimate collection of contemporary Japanese ceramics in the #SculpturalTurn, now on view.
If you saw a golden deer in the forest, would you follow it? In this Burmese classical dance-drama, a golden deer capers to lure Prince Rama away from his wife, Sita. #RamaEpic.

Rama tries to catch the golden deer

Make art a part of your holiday plans. From Nov 22–27, members get to bring an unlimited number of guests for FREE (#RamaEpic included)! Not a member? No sweat. Save big $$$ on membership here: . P.S. We'll be closed on Thanksgiving.
Dazzling deer or dastardly decoy? Our foe, Ravana (known as Thotsagan in Thailand, where this mask originates), lures Rama from Sita's side by ordering one of his demons to take the form of a beautiful magic deer. Mesmerized by its beauty, Sita begs Rama to hunt it down. At the moment of Rama's departure, Ravana swoops Sita off to Lanka, thus sparking the epic quest for her return [ Bit.ly...
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“This is a show you should not miss,” writes Charles Desmarais, Art Critic for San Francisco Chronicle. Read the full article to learn why the #RamaEpic is a "visual feast." Spoiler: it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

A resplendent journey through the ‘Rama Epic’

We're proud to stand among museum greats: Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Japanese American National Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, California Academy of Sciences, Brooklyn Museum [Via: Hyperallergic]

After the Election, US Museums Affirm Their Roles as Safe, Open Spaces

Delve into the Rama drama with experts in the field at a symposium on the Ramayana this Sat, Nov 19. Get to know the epic's four main characters — Rama, Sita, Hanuman and Ravana — through in-depth visual, cultural and literary discussions. Tickets at bit.ly/RamaSymp.
Hot off the press, we've got a children's book dedicated entirely to us! Follow a mom and her three young children on a trip to the museum. From Indonesian rod puppets to Japanese samurai armor, the children explore how artworks were used and why they were created. With playful, informative text and animated illustrations, this book brings the museum and its art to life.

Adventures in Asian Art

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Thrilled to have this mask on view as part of the #RamaEpic.
RP from National Geographic Creative — "Do you know what year this photo of #thespians performing in proper posture before #AngkorWat was published in National Geographic magazine? Photo by W. Robert Moore. Check back to see the answer posted in the caption. #Cambodia #culture #travel #temple #dancing."
"Stone cold look in your eyes" just got a whole new meaning. Thanks for rocking our world, Chinsekikan. #FacesInThings

The Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces