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Make very clear transparent choices in order to maximise the space you have at hand. Open shelves let you have all the storage without having to compromise on the feeling of spaciousness. Clear glass fronts or doors can help you un-clutter the view and the mind in the smallest of rooms. #RevampASmallHome
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Here are the trends for #ColourNext17 by Asian Paints at India Design ID.
Comment below which trend represents you the best! #AsianPaintsAtID #IndiaDesign #ColourTrends17 #ColourForecast
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Journey back in time with an assortment of accessories, to create a playful and appealing vintage style in the house. Get inspired by the ’40s and ’50s style and hunt for some pastel items mixed with period accessories. Prints from the past will help you give a beautiful makeover to the home. #AccessorizeYourHome
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The #ColourNext17 trend - BOT is Human is all about the striking contrast between human biology and technological geometry.

Here is a glimpse of its patterns, colours and textures for your decor design ideas!
Get an exclusive peek into the latest themes at #IndiaDeisgn #AsianPaintsAtID
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It's the year of celebrating our exterior walls with inspiring #WallArt designs and art installations!
Make way for Exterior Wall Art to find a special place on the outsides of your home! Art thou ready?
Explore at India Design ID for your inspiration! #AsianPaintsAtID
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Know what's happening at the #IndiaDesign event right here on our page! We have the latest scoop from the country's most artistic display of designs and colours! Stay tuned for more. #AsianPaintsAtID
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The Colour of the Year has finally arrived!

Here are some interesting ideas to make your home decor come alive with Intense Ocean! India Design ID
#AsianPaintsAtID #ColourNext17 #ColourOfTheYear2017 #ColourForecast #IndiaDesign
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Here's an exclusive 360° scoop right from the #IndiaDesign event!
Tell us what you think of this interesting display!
Come and experience the magic of authentic material from our #InternationalDesignerCollection and inspired finishes from #AsianPaintsRoyalePlay. Comment below to share your experiences at India Design ID
#AsianPaintsAtID #ColourNext17 #IndiaDesign
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Sharon from decor blog, shows you how to style the Asian Paints #ColourOfTheYear #IntenseOcean.
Do check out her blog and let us know how you would like to use Intense Ocean this year?

News+DIY: Decorate with the Asian Paints Colour of the Year, Intense Ocean | The Keybunch Decor Blog
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Who doesn't love digging their feet deep into the golden sand and watch the ocean dance precariously to its own soothing rhythm?
It's time to get Intense Ocean home, the colour of 2017!

Comment below with your ideas on how to add this beautiful hue to your décor.
#AsianPaintsAtID #ColourNext17 #ColourOfTheYear2017 #ColourForecast #IndiaDesign
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Every story-teller's dream home would be one with a spectacular view.
Rana Daggubati shows us #WhereTheHeartIs
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We are looking at one of the most promising trends from #ColourNext2017 at @IndiaDesignID. Catch the action live and get inspired!
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We are looking at one of the most promising trends from #ColourNext2017 at India Design ID. Catch the action live and get inspired!.
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The home decor fraternity is all set for the Colour Next 2017 event today!

Wish you could be there?
Fret not; we are here with a Facebook LIVE straight
from the event. Be there! #AsianPaintsAtID
#FacebookLive #ColourNext17 #ColourForecast India Design ID
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The country's biggest artistic celebration is just around the corner!
Get ready for a week of design revolution at the India Design ID exhibit with Asian Paints!
Stay tuned for more updates on #ID2017
#AsianPaintsAtID #ColourNext17 #ColourForecast
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This year looks like a dreamy ocean on a beautiful breezy day! Asian Paints is delighted to bring you the colour of the year - Intense Ocean!

Comment below with your ideas on how to add this beautiful hue to your décor.
#AsianPaintsAtIB #ColourNext2017 #ColourOfTheYear2017 India Design ID
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We're here to give you a fresh scoop of the trends that will rule your home interiors!
Stay tuned for the Colour Next 2017 trends. #AsianPaintsAtID #CN2017 #ColourNextTrends India Design ID
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Change is exciting!
Hold your breath as India Design ID reveals its most awaited colour of the year with Asian Paints! #AsianPaintsAtID
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Did you know that RanaDaggubati loves stories in all forms?
Discover his love for comic books and more as the star takes us through his unique and spacious home as we explore #wheretheheartis
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We've gone crazy over Madder Red last year! Will 2017 be more intense, surprisingly calming or refreshingly vivacious?

Know the colour of the Year by Asian Paints at India Design ID 2017! #AsianPaintsAtID