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Sometimes it's difficult to know how serious your child's rash is. Learn how to identify different rashes so you have a better sense of serious they may be.

Identifying Rashes
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As a parent, there's nothing more concerning than having a sick, feverish child. Don't panic. Here's some good information to consult next time your little one develops a fever.

Child Fevers
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The longer I’m a parent and pediatrician, the more I realize science and common sense go together! [ Link ]

Science is Proving Mommy Brain is Real
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Getting our kids to eat whole, real foods in a fast food world can be a real challenge. Try some of these tips to add more healthy foods to your family's meals, and please share your own tips below!

Eating Whole Foods
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Our bodies work best when they are well nourished! We want to encourage our kids to enjoy foods that not only taste good, but also help their bodies grow strong and feel good!

[ Link ]

Dangers of Processed Foods
Isaiah's smile made my day, so I thought I would share it with all of you. It is truly a blessing doing the work I do, and caring for all of these beautiful children.
Boost your child's immune system and prevent illness with these quick tips!
Here are some ways Dads can get more involved and some cool gear to go along.

Cool Gear for Dads
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One of the best ways to get your kids excited about healthier eating is to get them involved in the process! This recipe let's them have fun spiralizing zucchini "pasta." What are some fun ways you get your kids to eat healthier foods? >>[ Link ]

LEAN Zucchini Pasta Recipe, Completely Kid Friendly
There are many causes of loose stools, most of which are not serious. Most diarrhea illnesses are more of a nuisance than a medical problem and clear up easily with extra fluids and minor changes in the diet. Learn more about what the signs and treatment of diarrhea...>>[ Link ]

Diarrhea | Ask Dr Sears
Your child has had a mild cold for the past day or two, then around bedtime, you hear it starting. That barky, raspy cough that sounds like a seal asking for his next meal. If you have heard a “croupy” cough before, there’s no mistaking it. If you child has never had croup, it can be a frightening experience. Here is a quick lesson on croup to help you get through the night. [ Link ]

Croup Symptoms and Treatment | Ask Dr Sears
Moms spend so much time caring for others, but often neglect their own self-care. It's important to remember to avoid mommy burnout, even if that means making time for a solo trip to Target! Here are some tips to help you survive and thrive in Motherhood! [ Link ]
Making time for exercise while pregnant will make the time you are expecting much healthier and will better prepare you for labor. Read on for the benefits of exercising throughout your pregnancy.

Exercise While Pregnant