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Which phone is better Huawei P9 lite or Samsung J7 prime?
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Question: What did you have for breakfast today?
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What are your thoughts about the Saudi Embassy monopolising one doctor situation? see image below
Hashim Amla interview after he achieved his century at his 100th test match..
MashAllah Hashim Amla on your 100 plus runs during your 100th test match at Wanderers yesterday..
lol -whose first day of school was like this today.. lol.. my first days of school use to be like this in grade 1
Healthy body = Healthy mind. Some healthy wholesome tayyib pure school lunch box ideas. simple guidelines on what to include in the lunch box [ Link ]
Back to school celebrations for some.. lol..
The wait is almost over - just about an 1 and half and matric results will be released. You can find your results on this page
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South African Matric Results 2016
Home sweet home. Back to the concrete jungle. But actually is very green especially pass oxford.. i see trees of green everywhere..
New moon rising as old year is closing
2016 filled with many shocks and the passing of Junaid Jamshed was a devastating moment. What an extraordinary life he led and the crowd for his janazah was phenomenol.
The sun is setting on 2016 and just like this.. a cloudy year with a some rays of sunshine.. may Allah grant us barakah, peace, happiness, filled with good deeds and the best of both worlds for the coming year
My mum was born today, many moons ago. Allah has truly blessed with the best mum in the world. May Allah grant her good health, happiness and the best of both worlds.. with Rashida Mohomed
O Allah, please save Aleppo, save humanity. this is so heartbreaking that people are sending final messages to the world as bombs are being dropped in Aleppo Syria.
Nouman Ali Khan talking about human dignity at Sandton convention centre in Joburg on 10 Dec. Story night. it was an amazing evening..
Nouman Ali Khan live in joburg right now