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We are excited to announce the Nizamiye Mosque Open Day and Nanima Expo. All funds raised will go towards the Nanima foundation inaugural project and Nizamiye Masjid. more info [ Link ]
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The Sunnah of love by sheikh Yahya Adel Ibrahim. Sheikh will be visiting south Africa in the first week of March in Pretoria, Durban and Cape town to tell us the most beautiful love stories from the Quran. more info about where to get tickets from [ Link ]
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Allah keep us safe. Cyclone Dineo in Mozambique that is heading towards North eastern parts of South Africa.
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We are so heartbroken. My uncle Ismail Mohamed know as Bhai Patel from Middleburg passed away suddenly yesterday. We are still in shock. May Allah reunite us with the Prophet(SAW) and all our loved ones in Jannah. May Allah make it easy for all his family and especially his friends and my father, his best friend. Can't still believe this. Here is some solace for us that to Allah we belong...
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lol - cos every day is velan times day ne'
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Pretoria Love stories from the Quran

Love stories from the Quran tour by Sheikh Yahya Adel Ibrahim - Lectures available in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town more info on how to get your tickets [ Link ]
Alhamdulillah such awesome news. Sheikh Bassiouni is finally free and is back home in Johannesburg South Africa #FreeAtLast #FreeBassiouni #BassiouniFree
Turkish brunch buffet at Istanbul bakery in Midrand at Nizamiye masjid. R130 all you can eat and kids half price. Address corner le roux avenue and k101
Anyone hear about himalayan salt lamps? what are it's benefits? Have your tried it in your home?
What's your favourite home cooked meal?
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It was the fastest I came home today. Board said 6 min to william nicol and could drive at 120km today. Avoid marlboro n3 north and south due to spectator value. Truck lost load. #trafficsa. 2 hours delay. Stay home if u going via gilloolies or geldenhuys today.
lol - kids almost same age..
beekeeper from emmarentia saves the day at #pinkodi. well done for his fast thinking. I wonder does he keep the bees now.. what would the honey be called? wickets..

The beekeeper who saved the Pink ODI | IOL
lol doomed #pinkodi
hashim and AB at the crease #pinkdrive wanderers cricket match
bees on the field at #pinkdrive. wanderers looks like a huge flower most probably from sky. match is sweet
eish bird and bees on the field. players are lying down #pinkdrive match for breast cancer. match is to sweet