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The system has 12 printer heads that fire simultaneously.

Breaking the Mold: 3D Printing for Sandcasting

The 5,500 trains use roughly as much energy as the entire city of Amsterdam.

Dutch Railways' Electric Trains Now Run On 100% Wind Energy

Engineers are working on robots that could operate alongside astronauts.

Meet the robonauts: NASA's humanoid robots

This device could be a breakthrough in cancer treatment.

Determining Drug Efficacy in Advance

This design could radically improve doctors' ability to diagnose deadly diseases.

The 20-Cent Paper Centrifuge Could Revolutionize Field Medicine

Most batteries die after 5,000-7,000 charging cycles. This one lasted 200,000.

Building Better Batteries

Here's what bioengineers and other researchers are doing to understand concussions on the football field.

What Happened Within This Football Player’s Skull

On February 23, join ASME member Bridget Knight Brown, P.E., and DiscoverE to bring out the engineer in every girl!

Introduce a Girl to Engineering

New engineers gain a lot from getting involved in codes and standards committees, says Dan Comperchio, P.E.

Video: Defining Disrupting and Changing Technologies through Codes and Standards

Some traffic situations could bring self-driving cars to a stop.

Nissan Says Self-Driving Cars Are Impossible. Its Solution? Customer Call Centers

The company plans to make the exoskeletons available at reasonable prices.

Hyundai's Robotic Exoskeleton Lets Paraplegics Walk Again

The first phase of NYC's Second Avenue Subway opened recently! Here's a look back at its engineering and construction.

Video: The Second Avenue NYC Subway Dig Part 1

It takes millions of square feet to manufacture planes and cars!

7 of the World's Largest Manufacturing Plants

How do recent graduates get the practical skills they need?

Filling the Talent Gap

The era of incandescent light bulbs might not be over.

Keeping the Lights On

How do you capture a drone gone rogue?

Casting a Wide Net