We've all seen hidden doors and secret passageways in movies, but this mechanical engineer makes them a reality.

This mechanical engineer turned his childhood obsession into a million-dollar company

Our new video explains how 3D printing could become more accessible—and more widely used.

Video: Closing the Gap between Design and Additive Manufacturing

Is the most efficient gait for insects also the most efficient for robots?

Robotics Researchers Discovered a Better Way For Insects to Walk

An engineer has created the world's most vertically agile robot.

Leapin’ Robots

ASME's Washington, DC, section participated in DiscoverE's Family Day, which introduces children to engineering. ASME's exhibit included experiments showcasing vibrations, wave phenomena, and more!
By day, Ashley Johnston is an engineer. By night, she's a professional hockey player.

Women’s hockey star commutes 2,000 miles to live her dream

ASME has joined more than a dozen engineering associations in a non-partisan statement of support for international collaboration and a fair, transparent visa system.

A Message from America's Engineering Associations

This modular robot is undergoing testing in ocean waters.

Watch a snake robot wriggle through a Norwegian fjord

The cargo on this supply mission is crucial to the future success of a satellite-repair robot.

SpaceX to Launch the Future of Satellite Maintenance

When an engineer's pet cat got stuck to a blanket, inspiration struck!

A Feel for Feline Innovation

Happy birthday to us! ASME was founded at 96 Fulton Street in New York City on this day in 1880. Here's a portion of an article published the next day in the New York Times commemorating the event.
These hydrogel robots could one day be used to perform surgery.

Watch a squishy robot oh-so-gently catch a fish

Engineers are turning their attention to turf.

New Artificial Turf Designs Improve Safety

It's a car. It's a gyrocopter. It's a flying car!

PAL-V flying three-wheeler being prepped for take off

What's next for 3D printing metal?

Video: The Future of Metal 3D Printing

33 million tons of food end up in the trash every year. Could that food be an energy storage solution?

Food Waste for Solar Storage

Engineers are making hydrogen storage better and more affordable.

Hydrogen Breakthrough Begins