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Check out C4 (Shiho), and her amazing Sát Thủ Bóng Đêm Maria cosplay! ❤

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Which Assassin's story are you most excited to see in Titan Comics AC Reflections?
Get the first issue 3/8! [ Link ]
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I'm no criminal. I just do as I please.
Cute date ideas for Valentines:
❤ Romantic carriage ride
❤ Trip to the theater
❤ Night out at an exclusive London club
We work in the dark to serve the light. Get Sát Thủ Bóng Đêm on Digital HD March 10 and on Blu-ray & DVD March 21 [ Link ]
2016 was an amazing year for the Assassin's Creed community! Check out some of our favorite moments from last year [ Link ]
I will use my conviction in my Creed to defend them, alongside anyone who will help me.
Check out Vasiliel cosplay's AMAZING Fight Club Evie Frye!

See more of her cosplay here >> [ Link ]
The Frye Twins by the always talented Jodie Muir!
For this Community Spotlight, we had the opportunity to interview one of our favorite people from Assassin's Collectors, Cédric!

Check out what he had to say about his top collectibles here: [ Link ]
Happy birthday to our favorite Animus engineer and hacker-extraordinaire, Rebecca Crane!
Happy birthday to our favorite Animus engineer and hacker-extraordinaire, Rebecca Crane!
"A true master of stealth can blend into any environment." - Evie Frye
The most fearsome Templar of the Spanish Inquisition, Ojeda. | #AssassinsCreedMovie by AnnetteBellec [ Link ]
Brutal and elegant, an Assassin knows the best way to end a fight. What's your favorite finisher?
"It is a road that will not always take me where I wish to go - and I doubt I will live to see it end. But I will travel down it nonetheless." - Connor
The end of the Phoenix Project approaches. Titan Comics Assassin's Creed: Uprising #1 is out February 1 in comic stores!

More info here: [ Link ]
What kind of prison is this? | #AssassinsCreedMovie by PhantomRin [ Link ]
Fulfill your destiny and get the Sát Thủ Bóng Đêm soundtrack now!
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