Assassin's Creed
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An elegant Aveline de Grandpré to start your weekend off right. Stay classy, Assassins. | by Stef [ Link ]
Assassin's Creed
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Two Assassins face off before a test of skill.

Check out cosplayers Dshss and Cristina's Leather here >> [ Link ]
The Order is born of a realization. We require no creed. No indoctrination by desperate old men. All we need is that the world be as it is.
- Haytham Kenway
Assassin's Creed Head of Content, Aymar Azaizia, will be hosted by the AC subreddit for an AMA to discuss the Sát Thủ Bóng Đêm!

Head over to Reddit with your questions Tuesday, March 21 starting at 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST >> [ Link ]
Find out how we took the Assassin's Creed games and translated them to the big screen!

Read here >> [ Link ]
Uphold the principles of our Order, and all for that for which we stand. Never share our secrets nor divulge the true nature of our work. Do so until death — whatever the cost. This is my new creed.

- Shay Cormac
Check out photos from our cosplay meet-up and panel at PAX East 2017!
The game just got real. Watch the Sát Thủ Bóng Đêm on Digital HD today. [ Link ]
Happy birthday to our favorite notorious pirate, Mr. Edward Kenway!
Discover your destiny. Get the Sát Thủ Bóng Đêm on Digital HD today! [ Link ]
Before all else, she was an Assassin, and before all ties, she was bound to the Creed. #InternationalWomensDay
Check out Virus-AC's fantastic work featuring some of our favorite Assassins! #FanFeature [ Link ]
This Community Spotlight, we're getting ready for Convention Season with some of our favorite cosplayers!

Check out our article where they talk construction, inspiration, and their AC cosplays.

Community Spotlight: Getting ready for Con Season
Check out the always amazing Sunsetagain and their beautiful Sát Thủ Bóng Đêm piece! [ Link ]
“Tread carefully, boy. I do not like your tone.”
“And I do not like your deception!”

Graphics by Agnė > [ Link ]
Check out a new behind-the-scenes clip of the epic rooftop fight from the Sát Thủ Bóng Đêm in this GameSpot article!

Get your digital copy March 10 or Blu-ray/DVD version launching on March 21.

Assassin's Creed Movie: See Michael Fassbender Fight On A Rooftop In This Blu-ray/DVD Clip
For this Community Spotlight, we're talking cosplay with the extraordinarily talented The Wicked Tailor and his process in taking on Aguilar from the Sát Thủ Bóng Đêm!

Community Spotlight: The Wicked Tailor
New covers for Titan Comics AC Reflections #3 and AC Uprising #5!

Get more info here: [ Link ]
The Assassins... They gave me purpose. Something to believe in.