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"For every mission, there is a right way and a wrong way." | by TheFrozenBunny [ Link ]
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I am Aveline de Grandpré, I am an Assassin, and I fight for liberation.
Assassin's Creed
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Explore never-before-seen stories based on four legendary figures from the Assassin’s Creed games only in the official novelization of the #AssassinsCreedMovie!

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Everyone makes mistakes, even Assassins. What's your best desynchronization story?
Nothing is true and everything is permitted. | Happy birthday to our Mentor, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad!
Love makes us weak. | #AssassinsCreedMovie Maria by Lallej-fidelis! [ Link ]
Subtle or spectacular, there are many ways to eliminate a target. What is your most memorable assassination?
He is Aguilar de Nerha, an Assassin. | Art by the always fantastic RGromek! [ Link ]
"For the Creed." | See the #AssassinsCreedMovie now playing in theaters.
"You're not a prisoner here. I'm here to protect you." | Fight for the fate of humanity in the #AssassinsCreedMovie
"You belong to the Creed." | Forge your legacy in the #AssassinsCreedMovie out now:
"The blood that flows through you is not your own." | Discover your destiny in the #AssassinsCreedMovie
"Mankind seems intent on destroying itself." | Freedom or control, choose your side in the #AssassinsCreedMovie
"Who are you?" | Discover your past with the #AssassinsCreedMovie
Nothing is true, everything is permitted. | Test your limits in the #AssassinsCreedMovie
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Happy holidays from all your favorite Assassins! | Fan Art by Jokeritadoodle! [ Link ]
We need you to relive the life of your ancestor, an Assassin. | #AssassinsCreedMovie art by Xavier Drago // Illustrateur.
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