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Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill has turned a cement factory he stumbled upon in 1973 into an incredible home and studio. The interiors are beautiful. Check out the pictures to see the transformation!
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Asten Viveria..
Where your safety comes first
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Asten Viveria..
Where your security comes first
We believe Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together...

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‘Mirage’ house that disappears into the California desert..

This house is covered in glass both inside and outside.
Reflective panels on the home give off the dramatic sensation of the structure appearing and disappearing into the expansive arid landscape!!
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For all the Housewives who gives importance to value for money, this an irresistible offer! All for just 44 Lacs!!!

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BIO Architects recently completed a modern modular cabin within 10 days with the help of prefabrication!!
This beautiful home located at Pirogovo Lake in the suburbs of Moscow, was installed in roughly ten days with minimal site impact!!

Watch this space to know more :)
These structures, envisioned by architect Vincent Callebaut, would recycle ocean waste harvested from international waters as building materials for new, sustainable marine architecture.

These 3D-printed floating villages could be a means to future energy independence.
Located in Gujarat’s Surat city,this new office is proof that resourceful upcycling can create a welcoming environment.

Indian architecture firm Design Work Group (DWG), was asked to convert an old building into software company Peacock Technology’s new workspace. The architects creatively recycled discarded materials—from car tires to old floppy disks—into furniture and decoration....
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A 3D Printed "cool brick" could be the answer we are looking for..

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3D-printed “Cool Brick” cools a room using only water