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Our International Welcome Week celebrations have come to an end but, what a great week it's been

Have you made our gallery ...
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How many can you get?
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Do you feel you'll be renting forever? In Germany, that's the norm... [ Link ]

Renting β€˜need not be a poor relation to home owning’
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BBC Midlands Today sent their drone over campus today...
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Would you like to win a Β£20 Amazon voucher?

Here's how...

βœ” Meet at Main Building reception, 11am on Wednesday 18th January
βœ” Upload your images using #astonmeet2017 to Instagram
βœ” We'll choose our five favourites to win!

To give you a taste, enjoy some of our favourite snaps from last year...
#BlueMonday - we're not about that life

We're about International Welcome Week

Find out all of the great events that are taking place on campus throughout the week here [ Link ]
As Barack Obama prepares to leave office, Prof Ellis Cashmore takes a look back at the Obama Years [ Link ]
How is your new year diet going?

Healthy lifestyle expert Dr. James Brown is answering your questions. Comment below!
✍ Take a look at Nikita's time on placement as a media officer in Brussels [ Link ] #yoursforthetaking
Are you ready to make a difference in 2017? Here are 10 reasons why you should run in the Aston Students' Union elections...

Get your application in by 12:00 on 24th February

β„Ή Find out more here [ Link ]
You can catch Prof James Brown on tonight's @How To Lose Weight Well with Xand van Tulleken on Channel 4 at 8pm!
Have you done what most do every year and made a New Year's resolution, broken it within days and instantly regretted it? Well, according to Prof James Brown from Aston University School of Life & Health Sciences, snacking could be the way forward... [ Link ]

Forget the gym in January – exercise snacking is the way forward
Such a mysterious pic of the library ⬛βšͺ⬛βšͺ⬛βšͺ credit: xiawandong

Instagram photo by Aston University β€’ Jan 9, 2017 at 12:11pm UTC
Paris βœ… Placement year βœ… Experience of a lifetime βœ…

Jessica reflects on her time in the City of Light...

It's #yoursforthetaking [ Link ]
Getting stressed over exams? Don't be. Here's our top 5 tips [ Link ]
Do you know who Miss Kitty is? [ Link ] #yoursforthetaking
We hope all of our staff and students have an amazing 2017 ahead of them.