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Great to see Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce on the #RightTrack in his support for people rebuilding their lives in regional communities.

Deputy Prime Minister backs refugee resettlement in regional Australia

"When war struck and the Australian government rounded up many Italian men and interned them in camps around the country.

My grandfather worked hard to be a part of this community, even wanting his children to learn and speak English, not Italian. But he was never quite accepted and despite showing his loyalty to Australia, was locked up in wartime."

ASRC volunteer, Michelle shares the story...
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Mio nonno: my grandfather’s story – Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

"It's going to be very hard but we need to start to empower the community." #RefugeeVoices

Refugee sends computers to Congolese hospitals

‪So now our Prime Minister is attacking our teachers for sticking up for a fair go for refugees and teaching kids empathy and compassion (while remaining silent on Pauline Hanson). Read on...

'Absolutely inappropriate': Malcolm Turnbull blasts teachers' refugee protest

This year our Schools Program gave over 180 presentations about people seeking asylum and reached over 14,000 people. Unbelievable!

Book a schools speaker for next year now.


Schools Program – Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

"Some women wear hijabs, but most don’t. My mother didn’t. The line between Muslim and ‘Other’ was fuzzy and it didn’t seem possible that genocide was under way. We were too much the same.

My story is like that of so many others who arrive here in search of asylum. Some people are lucky to be born Australian, others have to fight and make sacrifices for it."

Ana's escape from the Bosnian war...
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An Australian born out of the Bosnian War – Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

"If [my father] came in 2001, when there was John Howard, life would have been so different now. Everything changed in just one year. So we were just very, very lucky to be runited with my father."

Gulima is a graduate of our Advocacy and Power Program. Listen to what she has to say in this Refugee Radio interview. #RefugeeVoices

Interview with Afghan refugee Gulima Wahidi from the ASRC's Advocacy and Power Program

We've 4 incredible jobs going right now! Make your New Years resolution working for real positive change with #refugees!

Careers – Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

It's time that people with lived experience of seeking asylum lead the refugee movement.

Our Advocacy & Power Program empowers refugees and former refugees in our community to do just that. Meet the Advocacy & Power Program participants here: asrc.org.au/advocacy-and-power-program.
"Speaking only the language of hope and a suitcase of sacrifices when you reached these shores you found a way through the darkness. There was no welcome when you arrived.

What a lottery it is when and where you were born and how the world treats you."

ASRC CEO and Founder, Kon shares an open letter to his parents as part of #TheirStoryOurStory
At some stage in our history, a family...
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An open letter to my parents – Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

"They thought it was a little but weird, me playing in a hijab.
"I said it's part of my culture and they were like, 'are you hot in it?'
"And it was like, 'no, I'm not', so they're used to it now."


10yo Afghan refugee finds passion in AFL

Brilliant by Cathy Wilcox on our political leaders in 2016.
The warmth of the Ballarat community was on full display this weekend at our #RightTrack workshop! One of the many regional centers teeming with compassionate leaders striving for positive change.

Human identity focus

"Dad was not fleeing from violence, war or persecution but his parents helped him to escape poverty, starvation and disease when they sent him away to Australia. Dad later became a respected aeronautical draftsman who contributed much to the development of military and commercial aircraft."

Ted's incredible journey is told by his daughter, Margot, a volunteer at the...
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Opportunity to thrive in Australia – Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Danijel is a graduate of our Advocacy and Power Program. Don't miss this fantastic interview on Refugee Radio. #RefugeeVoices

"We've got to look at the way we treated the Vietnamese refugees in the 70s, the Yugoslavs in the 90s, the Chinese before that, the Greeks and Italians of the 1940s: they've all had to face this almost sadistic initiation ceremony, if you like; this bigoted hatred. But...
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Interview with Danijel Malbasa, former refugee and current solicitor and refugee rights activist