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#Manus Island Detention Centre

Australian run

1,527 days

3 billion $ spent

4 refugees dead

Reza, Hamid, Faysal & Kamil

873 imprisoned

0 safely settled
Meet Rose Clayton, speaking about her internship with our Human Rights Law Program as part of our partnership with La Trobe University Law School.

“This could never have been replicated in a classroom." Read on: law.blogs.latrobe.edu.au/2017/01/13/ros…
"We asked the UNHCR to help us with some kind of educational program for three months, but after getting no response, we decided to just go for it and started a class on our own with 18 kids."

Asad Shadan, one of the founders of the Refugee Learning Centre in Indonesia.

Refugees Improve English Skills While Waiting for Resettlement

Want to be a voice for change, for people seeking asylum?

This year, we're building a social movement for change that will span across three states in Australia.

Join us - sign up.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)


The people of #Eltham who stood up against bigotry to welcome #Syrian refugees.

The #refugee legacy of Malcolm Fraser ❤

The Guardian and Observer and their generous readers who donated in 2015 an extraordinary 2.6 million pounds for 6 refugee charities to share, including the ASRC.

This donation had a profound impact on the lives of refugees, providing life changing legal, aid & support to people seeking asylum.

Young People. This was a gift from the Lauriston Girls School for the children we support. They were one of 180 schools that welcomed refugees. There is such great hope for the future
“When I got to Australia, my mind was just so blown away that I thought: ‘you know what? I am going to start working on my dreams in Australia. And now, this food program has really helped me to do that."

Given-Dignity Sitei on her involvement in the 'REAP' food rescue program in Toowoomba.

How one refugee is helping to reduce food waste and hunger

When nearly half of small businesses fail in their first 5 years, ASRC Catering, ASRC Cleaning and the Food Justice Truck collectively grew by 62%

Support businesses that supports independence and meaningful work for people seeking asylum.

Read and share!

The business of caring: ASRC social enterprises thrive in 2016

"This is modern slavery, the Australians sold us to Papua New Guinea and now we're going to be swapped for people from America."

Behnam Satah on Manus Island. #RefugeeVoices

Manus Island stories

"I want my children to understand that Dad never gives up."


Law award for former refugee haunted by human rights abuses


The people of #Syria who have endured a genocide and crimes against humanity.

Their courage, resilience and bravery is extraordinary. We need political leaders across the world to act to save lives now. These atrocities must end.
#Throwback Thursday to this great article on the work of Young People for Refugees in Bendigo.

Young people taking a lead on human rights - that's what getting on the #RightTrack looks like!

Youth aim to ‘restore dignity’

#OurCommitment in 2017 -Scaling up our critical services to help at least 500 more people seeking asylum in need. ✊✊✊✊✊ This is our vision, to campaign and fight for the issues you care about while also supporting and empowering more people seeking asylum on the ground than any other independent not-for-profit organisation in Australia. Stay informed - join our community. Got to...
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“I am extremely proud of our country’s history as a place of asylum, a place that opens its doors and hearts to new immigrants and refugees, and I’m especially proud today to be the minister in charge of that file."


Former refugee Ahmed Hussen takes over immigration ministry | Toronto Star


Justin Trudeau for reminding us what political leaders could be: passionate, principled and compassionate.
"This is my story. My life."

Our friends at the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) are screening The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe at ACMI on Thursday next week. A must see movie.

Get a ticket: acmi.net.au/events/baulkham-hills-african-ladies-troupe

The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe trailer SD

The official trailer for The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe