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"My siblings and I went out to buy stuff for my birthday. When we came back, we saw how the house was destroyed. Now I just want to go to my father and see him. I don’t want anything other than to be with my father."

Nour in Lesbos #RefugeeVoices

These heartbreaking images reveal the dreams of refugees
#Manus Island

Australian run

1,559 days

3 billion $

4 refugees dead

Reza, Hamid Faysal & Kamil

873 imprisoned

0 safely settled

In Spain on the weekend 150,000 took to the streets calling on their government to do more to welcome refugees. People the world over want their leaders to respond to people seeking asylum with compassion and respect.

What do you want your government to do?

Protesters in Barcelona urge Spain to take in more refugees
"I love it so much so I come here every day of the week sometimes, and I've invited other women to join me."

Adhel is one of the women running Australia's Spice Exchange. #RefugeeVoices

Meet the refugees running Australia's Spice Exchange
"This is how to stop demagogues and extremists: rebuild community."

The opening line from a fascinating read on how we bring intrinsic values to the fore in our communities. This is what getting on the #RightTrack looks like!

All Together Now
Join Australia's largest independent refugee and asylum seeker not for profit and movement now.

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Around the world people are welcoming refugees and people seeking asylum into their communities. Our societies are enriched and cultures expanded when we practice that spirit of welcome.

What could you do in your community to embrace people who come here to rebuild their lives in safety and peace?

Home comforts: the Italian hotel giving refugees a showcase for their culinary skills
The First #Syrian Astronaut Is Now a #Refugee

Muhammad Faris was the first and only Syrian to be sent into space. Selected as part of a Soviet-led mission in the 1980s, he received a hero’s welcome on his return home.

But the national hero now lives as a refugee in Istanbul, forced to flee the violence in Aleppo in the first year of the uprising.

The First Syrian Astronaut Is Now a Refugee
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The Canadian government has a sophisticated program working across the community to welcome Syrian refugees and help people transition to their new lives in Canada.

If we choose to do so, we could devote similar energy and commitment to #WelcomeRefugees into our community.

This is what getting on the #RightTrack looks like.

Canada welcomes Syrian refugees
We promise on the 3rd anniversary of Reza's death that we will never stop fighting till every #refugee on #Manus is brought to safety.