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Certain kinds of squid send messages by manipulating the color of their skin.


Squid Communicate With a Secret, Skin-Powered Alphabet
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On this day in 1925, Edward Gorey was born.

The Edward Gorey House
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A glimpse at how big the world is.

From The Atlantic

A Real-Time Map of Births and Deaths
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The Hawaiian pizza doesn’t come from anywhere near Hawaii.

Meet the 81-Year-Old Greek-Canadian Inventor of the Hawaiian Pizza
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Upon its completion in 1963, this sky-high radio mast was the tallest structure in the world, until it was surpassed by the Warsaw Radio Mast about a decade later.

The Tallest Structure in the Western Hemisphere Broadcasts TV to Fargo
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The park was named for the ancient buffalo jump, an indigenous hunting tactic used by Native American tribes.

Madison Buffalo Jump State Park
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Maybe it’s a cliché, but in Australia, sometimes you can’t even enjoy a nice meal without a giant lizard barging in.

This Waitress Casually Dragged a Massive Lizard Out of a Restaurant in Australia
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Seattle’s Hammering Man sculpture was built to honor the working class people of the world.

A Working Class Sculpture Pounds His Hammer All the Livelong Day
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Letters like these are rare because so many of them were destroyed.

Found: Love Letters a WWII Soldier Wrote to His Boyfriend
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Package delivery didn’t come to life on its own.

How Sears and Montgomery Ward Changed American Shipping
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Alligators don’t naturally turn orange, but environmental influences can change their skin to that color.

There's Another Orange Alligator Roaming the Carolinas
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The milk shop was opened in 1880 and little has changed inside the shop since then.

The World's Most Beautiful Milk Shop
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This ornate wooden church in South Dakota was built to house a Lutheran radio show.

Chapel In The Hills
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Here’s a closer look at some of the historical and mysterious items adrift in New York’s waters.

The Graphic Guide to the Underwater Oddities of New York City
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The cat armor can take up to 200 hours to create.

From mental_floss

Protect Your Cat With a Suit of Armor
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Operation Doorstep was conducted in conjunction with the nuclear weapons test known as Upshot–Knothole Annie.

From All That Is Interesting

24 Unsettling Before And After Photos From Operation Doorstep
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It is named Websteroprion armstrongi, after Derek K. Armstrong, the guy who first discovered the fossil in 1994, in addition to Alex Webster, the bass player for the death metal band Cannibal Corpse.

Found: The Fossil of a Giant, Extinct, 400-Million-Year-Old Worm
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F. Percy Smith set the mold for how modern-day nature and science documentaries look, sound, and feel.

The Shy Edwardian Filmmaker Who Showed Nature's Secrets to the World
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The eerie plant is covered with claw-shaped flowers the color and texture of mint toothpaste.

Seattle's Jade Vine Is Almost as Cool as a Corpse Flower
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For those wanting to spend a day in the life of an opal prospector from the early 1900s.

Royal Peacock Black Fire Opal Mine