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These curious structures, now used as sheds or studios, were once considered the perfect place to recover from tuberculosis.

Colorado Is Dotted With Repurposed Tuberculosis Huts
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In Argentina's bakeries, you will find not only tasty baked goods and pastries, but a look at the origins of the country's anarchist movement.

How Argentina's Baked Goods Reveal its Political Past
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The food is modern Japanese cuisine, but each course is served with dramatic ninja flair.

Ninja Restaurant in Tokyo
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Sir Edmund Hillary carried it across the globe for inspection by zoologists and other experts.

The Yeti Scalp of Khumjung
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Every day across the U.S., products accidentally spill out of trucks.

Long Island Has Suffered a Bud Light Truck Spill
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At one time, this was one of the most highly classified, top secret locations in the United States.

Sandy Hook Nike Launch Site
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A simple house comes with a simple story: One day, a contractor noticed a tiny open lot tucked between two existing houses and decided to build on it.

The Little House
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He contacted NASA with his findings.

Teen Corrects NASA Error
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Known as Khrushchyovkas, the distinctly banal architectural type has long outlasted its planned 25-year shelf life.

From CityLab

Say Goodbye to the Dreary Mass Housing of the Soviet Union
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It may represent an ancient Greek deity.

Found: A Giant Terra-cotta Head
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The exact location where they photographed the bird will not be made public.

Enthusiasts Confirmed the Night Parrot's Existence in Western Australia With This Photo
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Well done, okay. You're fine by us.

It's the 178th Birthday of 'Okay'
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British soldiers camped in the area for nine months as they awaited orders to move further north.

Found, in Israel: Lots of Liquor Bottles That Belonged to British WWI Soldiers
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Even bats can swim with their wings.

From BBC Earth

The strange experiments that revealed most mammals can swim
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He told the joke in front of a crowd of friendly members of the Intelligence Community.

When Ronald Reagan Told a Joke About Irish Spies
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Today, attitudes towards taking off shoes indoors vary, often by national culture.

From The Atlantic

Welcome, Please Remove Your Shoes
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Today, over 200 spacewalkers have followed Alexey Leonov's lead into outer space by performing their own EVAs.


The First Spacewalker Cheated Death And Crash-Landed In a Forest Full of Wolves
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Steinway & Sons Piano Factory opened in the 1870s. Not much has changed since then.

From our friends at mental_floss.
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Naples has more history than one city can maintain, and some sites will inevitably crumble—unless passionate locals take matters into their own hands.

From BBC Travel

A city with too much history to handle
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Experts think that in its original state, the statue to which these fingers belong would have measured upwards of 40-feet high.

The Giant Hand of Hercules