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Learn about The Continuum Concept: [ Link ]
Attachment Parenting
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This seems pretty neat (and affordable). [ Link ]
Attachment Parenting
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Our words become our child’s inner voice. They internalize how we respond and react to their behavior and reactions. As adults, it is our job to see the feelings behind the actions, but because this rationale wasn’t always modeled for us, we are stuck in a cycle of being in our own version of the …

7 Hurtful Ways We Respond to Our Child's Emotions (and what to say instead)
Attachment Parenting
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Attachment Parenting
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Babies and small children are vulnerable little beings who depend on us for their safety. Can you imagine our ancestral mothers out in the wild, sleeping anywhere but right next to their babies?

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Why Our Baby Will Never Have a Nursery
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Rare off topic post. We'd like to know your thoughts on this, as plastic in the ocean will certainly affect our children's future.

Brewery Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings that Feed, Rather Than Kill, Marine Life
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This is so important. Can we get at least 200 shares on this?

"Spanking" Children Is Domestic Violence
Most of us had such insecure, vulnerable childhoods, we avoid vulnerability as adults, damaging our ability to form healthy intimate relationships.

Let's raise a generation of emotionally secure kids, so they won't fear vulnerability and connection.

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Vulnerability is the Key to Connection - Why are We So Afraid of It?
Thank you The Dangers of Baby Training I am sure we can fill the card a few of us.
I foresee this ruffling some feathers, but still curious what this group thinks. I enjoyed the read.

Why I Wouldn't Give My Baby Formula, Even if I Couldn't Breastfeed. And What I Would do Instead. -
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The Continuum Concept (Y)

If you haven't read the book, learn more here: [ Link ]

Learn about the dangers of "crying it out":
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We wouldn't need to teach our kids to "just say no to drugs" if we helped them foster a network of close human connections.

"The cause of addiction is human disconnection."

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The Opposite of Addiction is Connection
We rarely advertise anything here, but this board game is so much fun for children AND parents! Please share and tag friends. :)

Teach Your Children Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants with this Creative Board Game | Homestead Guru
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