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From the API reads program:

"When children are raised in loving, nurturing environments where parents clearly enjoy each other, they develop an appreciation and a desire for intimacy. Because they have grown up watching and experiencing the comfort and support that comes from intimacy, they are more ready to create it in their own lives."

~ What Children Learn From Their Parents' Marriage by...
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Children become ready for intimacy through you

1) "Nonviolence is absolute commitment to the way of love..."

8) "...the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others."

10) "The time is always right to do the right thing."

10 quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr., for peaceful parenting homes

We've all been on the receiving end of unwanted parenting advice. Each of us will raise our child the way we feel is best. This quote from the book, Attached at the Heart by API's cofounders, helps us understand the intent behind that unsolicited advice.

On handling unwanted parenting advice

Is it "normal" that we should let our babies cry to sleep at a point when they most need short-interval feedings and physical contact with us to stimulate growth hormones? What's the cost to them when we force them to adapt to our needs versus us to their needs?

It begs the question: Is there a link between how society expects our infants to sleep, and the prevalence of sleep disorders among...
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What is Normal, Healthy Infant Sleep? | The Attached Family

From the API Reads program:

"Children also tune in to the emotional climate and the sense of well-being between family members. Children watch how you and your partner interact and handle situations together. They then draw conclusions about how married people treat each other, for better or for worse."

~ What Children Learn From Their Parents' Marriage by Judith P. Siegel, PhD

“For better or for worse” is determined by you for your child

"If we can instill the habit of giving thanks, we prepare our children for a life of pleasant contentment." ~ APtly Said, Attachment Parenting International

Teaching the way of gratitude

As we move into the new year, our resolution is to strengthen parent "empathy muscles" so that parents, in turn, raise more empathetic children.

API's short "empathy exercises" help you keep your empathy "in shape," through daily life - no matter how hectic your schedule.

Empathy Exercise 4: Volunteer to help others.

Contribute to a culture of empathy

When your child is upset about something seemingly small, it's so much easier to tell him, "It's really not a big deal," than it is to support him through his seemingly silly, but real-to-him, emotions. A green cup may seem small to you, but in that moment, it is really important to him.

I don't always give in to cup color preferences, but I always try to support the feelings surrounding...
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Parenting as a Protest Against Hate | The Attached Family

#1 - I resolve to admit when I am wrong.
#3 - I resolve to do more self-care.
#5 - I resolve to speak respectfully of my child's other parent.
#6 - I resolve to read a book related to each of API's Eight Principles of Parenting.

8 examples of new year parenting resolutions

#2 - This is how you know who your baby will attach to.
#5 - Six-year-olds who bedshared as babies are found to be happier and better learners than their peers.
#7 - Here's what working parents need to know when choosing daycare that protects their child's attachment.
#9 - Ideas for gentle weaning that really do work without tears!

Editor’s pick: Top 10 of 2016

I've been thinking about API deeply today. My heart aches for an adult I know who is on a healing journey. Childhood suffering left psychic wounds and scars that are finally being attended to now, in adulthood.

We're parenting in a time when so much information is at our fingertips, and despite this, we may still find ourselves stuck in our own stories and hand-me-down parenting templates...
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Contribute to a culture of empathy.

Thank you for believing in healthy, secure attachment this 2016! Please join with us in 2017 as we actively nurture peace and community by raising our children with compassion and join together for a common goal.

API 2016 in Review | Attachment Parenting International

Today is the last opportunity to make a 2016 tax deductible donation to API. Thank you for your support!