How important is it that we play and positively interact with our babies and children?

Watch this video of fathers and their babies participating in the Still Face Experiment -- clearly showing that infants need consistently loving, sensitive responsiveness from ALL caregivers, fathers or mothers or others:

Still Face: A lesson in responsiveness and relationship repair for ALL caregivers
Eager for labor to begin and for baby to be born?

First, take time to become aware of and consciously reflect on what is transpiring inside of you...physically, spiritually, emotionally.

Not only will it make for a smoother transition into parenthood, but it may lessen or even prevent the "baby blues."

Preparing for childbirth: The delicate dance between pushing out and letting go
Feeling gratitude magnifies what is good, beneficial, and enjoyable. Here are 6 games to play with your child to practice noticing the good things in life.

6 games to instill mindfulness and gratitude in our children (and ourselves)
Is the goal that our children "perform" or that they learn? Watch this video to learn more.

API Reads Reflection: Getting better at what we care about
What is the essence of kindness? What does it mean to be a kind person? Why are some people more kind than others? Why do some people find it challenging to act in kind ways? And, what can I do to promote more kindness on a personal level, in my family and the world?

When we teach kindness by modeling kindness thorough our parenting practices, we spread kindness...through how our children...
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Bring kindness home
Think of the teen years as an "attachment test." Living with a teenager is wonderful when the attachment is deeply rooted -- and a nightmare when it is not.

But all is not lost. Read on to learn how to heal the relationship with your teen.

How to Heal Attachment with Your Teen | The Attached Family
1) Embrace all feelings
2) Set good boundaries
3) Create good mind stories

The bottom line: The more comfortable you are with feelings, the safer it will be for you to love.

Falling in love is scary...3 tips that make it safer
We focus so much energy on our children. After our focus on our children, we remember that word -- "balance" -- and try to make ourselves a priority, because we don't want to burn out on the family. Our marriages may be last on the list.

The latest book reviewed by the API Reads program is a reminder of why your marriage needs to be higher on the list.

The Most Interesting Things in API Reads this February
1) Be present with your presence
3) Envision yourself as your child
8) Imagine your child writing a letter to you
9) Imagine your child becoming a parent

Read all 11 ideas to be a more attached parent!

11 Ways to Parent Outside the Box | The Attached Family
Especially if you developed an insecure attachment style as a child, you may have difficulty in relating to your spouse.

The good news: The more we practice secure relationship skills, the more it rewires our brain in new, healthy ways to seek and strengthen attachment with our spouse without resorting to the insecure attachment tendencies from our youth.

This takes hard, hard work. But...
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How an insecure childhood attachment affects a marriage, and what you can do about that
What is positive discipline, and why does it work so well?

Positive discipline: The ‘golden rule’ of parenting
No matter our views, how can we talk politics with our children in a way that respects differences but still reflects our family values?

6 tips for talking politics with children
From the API Reads program:

"...when parents are able to disagree without becoming angry, the children are rarely affected in adverse ways. In fact, children from these homes do better in school and have higher self-esteem than do children whose parents' negotiations of differences escalate into bickering and hostile fights."

~ What Children Learn From Their Parents' Marriage by Judith P....
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Weekly Reflection: Voicing your opinion goes a long way
When it comes to positive discipline, which is more effective -- redirection or engagement?

Engagement vs Redirection in Positive Discipline | The Attached Family