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Rather than aiming to be the "best" parent, instead strive to be a "very good" parent.

There is no such thing as perfect parents. We all make mistakes. There is no shame in that. In fact, the opportunity to learn from our mistakes is a gift.

Balance tip #1: Strive to be a Very Good Parent, not the best

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What's important is not how much you feel you love your child, but rather how much your child feels you love him or her. It's all about the child's perception.

Editor’s pick: How your childhood shaped your adult personality

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Good sportsmanship is a tough skill to learn -- for both children and adults. It is best learned through parents and coaches modeling to children.

Watch this video to see true sportsmanship in action.

True sportsmanship

Recalling good memories helped...then hurt...then made us laugh...then cry and hug. That is how grief goes. That's how it is shared.

What is the best way to guide children in grieving for their pet? Here are 4 tips.

4 tips to help children grieve the loss of a pet

Just how do parents protect their children -- physically and emotionally -- when their homes are ripped apart by war and terrorism? What is the best way to parent children into a sense of security once again?

Watch this video to learn more.

Parenting for peace in a war zone

"Four Reasons Our Sleep Is Being Disturbed" by Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

Four Reasons Our Sleep Is Being Disturbed

People often fear that if boys are nurtured too much, it somehow warps their personalities and makes them too dependent and too sensitive. What does this mean for Attachment Parenting with our sons?

What about boys and Attachment Parenting?

Is it possible to heal from toxic shame and emotional trauma? Yes, but it's easier to prevent shame-based trauma in the first place.

Understanding Shame, part 5: Healing emotional trauma

It's incredibly important that infants and children have sensitive, responsive, and nurturing caregivers.

From birth, this is not merely a "want" but a NEED. When this need is not met, children not only feel inadequate but they also feel there must be something WRONG WITH THEMSELVES for even feeling these needs in the first place.

Understanding Shame, part 4: Growing up shame-based

We can't always protect our children from what they perceive as traumatizing experiences, but we can provide the support they need to process and heal.

Without support, our children can't heal and the effect of unprocessed emotional pain on their minds and bodies can be profound.

Understanding Shame, part 3: Disconnection

We need to take care to protect our infants and children from fear, particularly the fear of feeling unloved.

When thinking about childhood trauma, we need to be aware that throughout human history, danger hasn’t only come from predators and illness -- it has also come from parents. An inattentive mother is implicitly terrifying.

Understanding Shame, part 2: Fear and trauma