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Racism has always existed...
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Lesser known festivals around the world #MondaySpotlight

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Lots of wonderful work at the Kochi Art Biennale
Try and get down to this wonderful city before March 29
Group show by a bunch of Pune artists was particularly good, featuring Bharti Pitre, Arti Kirloskar, Raju Sutar, Madhvi Kolte ++
On at the Routes gallery in kochi
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Happy #mahashivratri
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Here’s a great opportunity for all the brilliant photographers out there! Register for Moto Spotlight 2.0 in the Photography category with a link to your previous work/profile and stand a chance to work with me to bring a music video, an Indian avatar of the iconic ‘Hello Moto’, to life.

Registrations close tonight, so hurry up and register now - [ Link ]
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The incredible story of a poor tribal girl from Andhra who climbed Mt Everest.
A world record never to be broken.
Must watch film directed by Rahul Bose
Here's the trailer...

[ Link ]

Poorna | Official Trailer | Aditi Inamdar | Rahul Bose
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Incredible story of the youngest girl to climb Mt Everest; a tribal from Andhra Pradesh
Directed by Rahul Bose
Must watch
[ Link ]

Poorna | Official Trailer | Aditi Inamdar | Rahul Bose
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A lesson on depth of field! #ThursdayTip
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This is for all the photographers out there! I’m associating with Moto Spotlight 2.0 to contribute towards making a music video – an Indian avatar of ‘Hello Moto’. Register on the website now to get a chance to be mentored by me in an exclusive session and to work with me to create this music video! Hurry, entries close tomorrow! [ Link ]
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#Portrait of the gorgeous #MonikanganaDutta from a few years ago

#thailand #kohsamui #photography #fashionphotography #model #supermodel #blackandwhite
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Stunning morning light from my balcony.

#mumbai #sunrise #urban #metro #photography #photographer #thecoolhunter
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The fabulous #DayanaErappa who could be Miss Coorg for the rest of her life!

#KingfisherCalendar2017 #15YearsOfTheKingfisherCalendar
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Some wisdom prevailed in the last two years and I realised that true fitness is a judicious combination of strength, flexibility and endurance.
What's the point of u have shoulders like Johnny Bravo but u can't touch your toes or run round the block?
Or be running kms endlessly but u cannot crank out 20 push ups?
Curl up like a pretzel but cannot do a few pull ups or generally have...
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Did Ya Vote Today...!!!!!???!!!
Come On
Read more about one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history. #MondaySpotlight

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One Year Of Neerja...
Our debut production released this day exactly one year ago...
Thank u Aashish Maini for finding Saiwyn Quadras who brought it to Shanti Sivaram who brought it to me
To Aneesh Bhanot n Akhil Bhanot for giving us the rights. The amazing Rama Bhanot for blessing us.
Thank u Ram Madhvani, u genius for finally agreeing to make a movie. About bloody time!
Sonam Kapoor for...
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Here are 7 cool athleisure looks to rock this season #SaturdayStyle

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Couple of Fridays ago, on Feb 3rd evening to be specific, my wife and I had stepped out for an engagement. We left at about 5:30 pm and returned at 10:18 right after the event.

When we returned home, we discovered some things out of place and a cupboard open and I immediately reviewed our internal CC tv footage. Turns out there was a burgler that had entered at 9:45pm through the guest...
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The 20 best winter boots for men. #FridayLuxury

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With the brilliant artist and dear friend #PareshMaity at the opening of his triumphant show at the #Jehangir.
A must see exhibition.
No designer has confessed to making Pareshda's outfit tho.
#artist #sculpture #mumbai #statue #painting