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Some days you just want to get above it all.
Gotta love the ocean dunk! #Summer
We made it!
Even a chicken is not too chicken to jump!
Jump a motorbike? Yeah can't see a reason why not. What else can we jump?
If your best friend jumped off a bridge would you? ... hell yes!
AHHHHH!!! #JustDidIt
Days like these ...
On form! That moment just beofre he nailed a sweet back flip!
It's almost time to kick off the new year!
Hold On!
There is nothing quite like family getting out and having adventures together.
Drop the Santa ... he's Out! Presents are done! Get ready for tomorrow because we're going to have some fun!
Merry Christmas from our crazy family to yours! See you back on the 27th to get our Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy on!
FRIDAY!! Not too late to make this moment happen for someone you love [ Bungy.co.nz Link ]
Oh you know it's summer in NZ! Game On!
Sometimes you just have to grab a mate and have some man time!
Oh that moment ... Bet this is how some of you are feeling about xmas shopping.

Make it easier & send it striaght to your inbox [ Bungy.co.nz Link ]
Loving all the work teams wanting to finish the year on a high!