Start the week on top!
Making epic memories is something you should try and do every day.
Our weekend view is pretty epic! Thanks Auckland!
When hanging out is taken literally
At this exact moment with no filter this is our view. Bungy at sunrise. Good morning Auckland NZ, you are beautiful.
Bungy Life!
If you don't come down from the top sometimes, how do people know you were even really there?
Sidharth Malhotra always a pleasure having you. So glad you love our beautiful NZ. 100% Pure New Zealand
Hump day be like...
Double Rainbow!
Some days you just want to get above it all.
Gotta love the ocean dunk! #Summer
We made it!
Even a chicken is not too chicken to jump!
Jump a motorbike? Yeah can't see a reason why not. What else can we jump?
If your best friend jumped off a bridge would you? ... hell yes!
AHHHHH!!! #JustDidIt
Days like these ...
On form! That moment just beofre he nailed a sweet back flip!