Isn't this what everyone looks like on a Monday morning?... We promise they did make it.
Adele's last concert in #Auckland tonight and this guy is trying to show us he has the same vocal range ... not bad!
Some moments ...
That's how you tap out on a #Friday! On top of #Auckland
What are you doing this weekend? Life at the top is pretty good.
Between the madness ... some choose to fly
Friday life in Auckland
How close would you get?
It's hump day ... pray for us all.
Together is always better!
When there is rain ... might as well go all in. Playing in the rain is our fav!
Summer is still here!
Oooooo it's Monday ... Do you get that feeling already that you want to jump off a bridge?
Start the week on top!
Making epic memories is something you should try and do every day.
Our weekend view is pretty epic! Thanks Auckland!
When hanging out is taken literally
At this exact moment with no filter this is our view. Bungy at sunrise. Good morning Auckland NZ, you are beautiful.
Bungy Life!