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It's been a great start to Urbanlife 2017! The first half of this years programme kicked off at Waipapa Marae with a series of creative sessions and workshops.

Later this week the programme will continue at the museum and we'll be sharing live updates via the Auckland Museum Snapchat, follow us at AucklandMuseum.

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Private Nelson by day, female alter ego “Nelly” by night, Charles Stuart Nelson became a noted and admired performer on stage with singing troupe the Kiwis, providing soldiers with comic relief from the horrors of war.

Check out his story on Online Cenotaph.

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Running out of new Minecraft® worlds to explore? Why not challenge your friends and see who can reconstruct the landscape of Gallipoli. Download Minecraft® in Gallipoli world and get started!

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To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Scott Base in Antarctica TEDxScottBase will host a first-of-its-kind event to be broadcast around the world this weekend.

For more information about the event see:

This image from the Sir Edmund Hillary archive here at the museum depicts the assembly of the first hut at Scott Base near McMurdo Sound during the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition in...
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Aucklander Harold Butterworth's sheer passion for flying is made clear in his diary, which he kept while flying for the Royal Flying Corps in England during WWI.

Harold battled his way through competitive entry into the RFC to become one of their "most gallant pilots," taking dangerous aerial
reconnaissance missions over and behind the lines to locate and target the positions of enemy...
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It’s the summer of Moe and in today’s episode of TV3's The Moe Show you can catch our very own Johnny Hui chat to Moe about dinosaurs!

You can catch up here: [ Link ]

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The Moe Show
Our latest Volume Museum Session is now live...

Collect the films with the Spark All Access Pass at Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa, open now, or watch the full performance now via our website.

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Estère - 'Reptilian Journey'
Aimee and the Contours from Kaipara College take to the stage with a performance of country pop in the first of our Play It Strange series this Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 January at Auckland Museum.

See our website for set times and further info: [ Link ]

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In the Battle of Rafah, Lieutenant-Colonel C.E.R. Mackesy led the Auckland Regiment in the advance and claimed the honour of being 'the first New Zealander' to step foot in the Holy Land.

The 'Old Colonel' was a long-time commander of the Auckland Mounted Rifles, and collected a number of souvenirs during his service - many of which are now in the Auckland Museum collection, such as the fez...
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100 years ago the Anzac Mounted Division, alongside the Cameleers, an artillery battery, and the 5th Yeomanry Brigade (Mounted), rode for 30 miles through the desert night to engage with the Turkish garrison at the small settlement of Rafah on 9th January 1917.

It was the final battle of the Sinai Campaign on the borders of Palestine - an event which changed the Middle East in ways which...
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This weekend is your last chance to experience Home Front before it closes this Sunday 8 January.

Focusing on life 'at home' during the First World War, the Home Front exhibition explores how events half a world away shaped lives at home.

Read more about the exhibition here: [ Link ]

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Heading out to the sea this summer? Take our New Zealand Marine Field Guide with you.

It's packed with detailed descriptions, stunning imagery, and is a great pocket reference for all ages.

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#OnThisDay: A postcard sent from the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade to Aotea [Convalescent Hospital] Home, Heliopolis, Egypt.

News from Egypt was good - the December successes of the Mounted Rifles in at El Arish and at Magdhaba were well-received and, suggested the press, proof 'that there is a brain behind the operations of our Egyptian campaign'.

Yet the situation was different on...
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There is a note of relief in the Feilding Star's post-Christmas reflection on the 1916 holiday period, #OnThisDay 100 years ago:

"The Christmas season has passed over happily, safely, and without sensation. The holidays have not been marred by any disasters or domestic tragedies…"

News from the front was mixed during the Christmas and New Years period of 1916. Explore the varied newspaper...
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Curried salmon, stuffed turkey, creamed carrots, and Christmas cake - all on the menu at Mardi Camp in Cairo, 1941.

This 75-year-old Christmas menu was one of the items contributed by John Burns to the #OnlineCenotaph record of Hector Nisbit Burns.
Meri Kirihimete ki a koutou katoa. Merry Christmas and season's greetings from Tāmaki Paenga Hira Auckland War Memorial Museum.
In 1916, key family members were missing from many Christmas tables. A lot of effort went into parcels and fundraising for those who were overseas, and towns held Christmas parties for the children of soldiers.

Sergeant Edward Gordon Williams (11/1398) of the Wellington Mounted Rifles is pictured here in Mustagidda, 'attacking the Christmas cake sent by the Drumpl children' in December...
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#AkairoateTaunga has been a highlight of 2016 - in the video below, community representatives Rev William Hakaoro and Mary Ama discuss how they came up with the name, and their experience of Akairo a te Taunga at Auckland Museum.

We are endlessly grateful to all of the community who came in as part of the project: knowledge holders, makers, artists, community members young and old.

A special...
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Ingrid Anderson, one of New Zealand’s foremost textile designers, finds inspiration in our native flora and fauna.

Learn about how she grew her business, Ingrid Anderson Textile Design, from its humble beginnings to becoming an astute businesswoman today - learn more at:

What does it mean to be a rebel in Aotearoa?

Our first #AMVolume long read is up - so plug in your headphones, put up your feet, and get immersed in the New Zealand music that fuelled our rebellious streak and inspired our righteousness.

Go on... read it now!