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CEOs, entrepreneurs and the #AudiA8L. Here are some of the moments from the #leadingedge2017, driven by Audi.
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Driving information, media access and communication - all at the touch of a button. Only on the Audi Virtual Cockpit. #AudiA4 #ProgressIsIntense
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See above your line of sight with on-demand navigation. Only on the Audi Virtual Cockpit. #ProgressIsIntense #AudiA4
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An upgraded 190 hp engine. The new, more powerful Audi A4 Diesel has arrived. #ProgressIsIntense
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The new, more powerful Audi A4 Diesel is here. For more information on its features: #ProgressIsIntense

The Audi A4 Diesel | Audi India
Audi India
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Brute force and intellect come together. 190hp TDI engine and Virtual Cockpit. The new #AudiA4 Diesel. #ProgressIsIntense
Audi India
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Hit the streets with the new Audi A4 Diesel. #ProgressIsIntense
Feel the power from the ground up. Stay tuned. #ProgressIsIntense
Seeing it is some thing. Driving it, quite another. Stay tuned. #ProgressIsIntense
A new, more powerful Audi is on its way. Can you resist the temptation? #ProgressIsIntense
Breaking tradition at breakneck speeds. #AudiTTCoupe #LeagueOfPerformance
It’s got the curves. It’s got the moves. #LeagueOfPerformance #AudiRS6Avant
Here's a round-up of the #ForbesIndiaTrophy 2017, presented by Audi.
Power, intelligence and high performance. Check out the exciting Audi Pavilion at the Autocar Performance Show today. #APS2017
A powerful presence: look out for the commanding #AudiQ7 at the Audi Pavilion today. #APS2017
Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the progressive #AudiA4 stands apart. #APS2017 #ProgressIsIntense
What happens when 610 horses show up at the Autocar Performance Show? Find out at the Audi Pavilion. #AudiR8 #APS2017