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Onstage with Audioslave in Montreal, 2005 #tbt
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“I’m where I am because of Brad, and I firmly believe you’re only as good as your drummer.” - Tim Commerford on Brad Wilk
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Far beyond the world of diamonds and gold
I've come to realize
Where happiness lies
Giving it some soul power in Cuba
"Show Me How to Live" live in Cuba on October 11, 2005. #tbt
Which Audioslave album has your favorite cover art?
Helicopter skiiing or music? Chris decides.
European tour 2005. Were you at one of these shows?
“He’s a producer who’s more like an artist.” - Tom Morello on Rick Rubin, 2005
Who has ‘Out of Exile’ on blue vinyl?
Happy Birthday Tim!
A tribute to Tom Morello by Hilare
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"Like a Stone" live in Cuba on October 11, 2005. #tbt
Rare Funkadelic cover ‘Super Stupid (live BBC Session)’ was on the ‘Like A Stone’ single released 2003.
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Jesus at the back door...
Live in Cuba May 6, 2005. #tbt
"Me yelling at me, looking in the mirror." - Chris Cornell

Cochise - Audioslave

I'm watching Cochise by Audioslave

Do you still have all 3 albums on CD?