06/21/2017 at 22:15. Facebook
“Chris was always concerned about the welfare of children,” longtime friend Eric Esrailian says of Cornell’s human rights work
Audioslave 06/21/2017

George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez and More Rally Together in New Video to Carry on Chris Cornell’s Refugee Advocacy
Mike DeForrest
Derek Shafe
Robin E. Karpinski
06/20/2017 at 16:34. Facebook
"The Promise," Chris Cornell's final video, examines the plight of refugees worldwide. Its creators tell us about the musician's involvement and mood.
Audioslave 06/20/2017

Inside Chris Cornell's Moving, Refugee-Themed Final Video
Dominique Poli
Alex McGraynor
Veronica Wiewiora
Lynda Kehler
Andrea F. Muñoz
Daniel K. Moorefield
Diogo Baptista
Danny L. Rodríguez
Sunniva Myrvold
Adelia Hogarth
Nicole Tolan
Luciana Fernandes
Dominic Arias
Daniel K. Moorefield
Alfan Syakhrir
Clips from which iconic film were intercut with footage of the band in the Dodge Challenger for “Show Me How To Live”?
Daniel Tretheway
Caleb Jean Ner
Марио Петров
Metal Hammer, Christmas issue 2002
Metal Hammer Christmas issue 2002
Dale Young
Nogue Pao
Joanne Hunnell-Dryburgh
Cut me in
I don't want to live without your revelations
Derek Madlung
Roger Reynolds
Christine Gatto
Help us raise money to benefit RAACE org by participating in a raffle to aid their mission to EXPOSE the silent epidemic of child sexual abuse, EDUCATE with their free resources, and INSPIRE everyone to take action to prevent abuse. [ Link ]
Audioslave 05/05/2017
Maureen Wagg
Jose Lobato
Maureen Wagg
Adelia Hogarth
Janell Williams
Pyke Connor Collins
“Absolutely, the possibility of us making music together with Chris Cornell is always there.” - Brad Wilk
Absolutely the possibility of us making music together with Chris Cornell is
Brenda St Clair
Gray Mock Hawk
Denise Leslie
In support of National Child Abuse Prevention month, we've partnered with RAACE org to give Soundgarden fans the opportunity to win this signed custom painted Badmotorfinger guitar. [ Link ]
Audioslave 04/29/2017
Sara Sabzi
Jason Edwards
Azul Zalinaz
Ricardo Oliveira
Julie Owen
Elías A. Vásquez
10 years ago today #OneManRevolution was released. Produced by #BrendanObrien and influenced by Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen & Woody Guthrie. It's still one my favorite records I've ever been involved in. #TheNightwatchman #WhateverItTakes #LetFreedomRing
Audioslave 04/26/2017
Renato Francisco Silva
Yousuf Khan
Dan Tyson
Armine Zadourian-Issaghoulian
LuKe Mazzo
Melissa Flowers
"Sometimes jazz is all I listen to...Coltrane is the greatest musician ever. I can never aspire to that, but I can learn." - Tim Commerford
Sometimes jazz is all I listen toColtrane is the greatest musician ever
Christopher Leete
Jonathan McIntire
We Want An Audioslave Reunion Tour
I’m not a martyr
I’m not a prophet
Stewart Gordon
Christian Normal
Chris Weaver
"I just wanted it to look important, like things looked when I was a child." - Chris on the filming of “Be Yourself”
I just wanted it to look important like things looked when I
We Want An Audioslave Reunion Tour
Justice Edwards
Oliver Celestyal