A long, thin tongue assists in harvesting honey from bee hives – a favorite Sun Bear activity. Sun Bears love termites and ants, but have been known to consume more than 100 species of insects and more than 50 different kinds of plants. Figs are a favorite Sun Bear treat. They also eat lizards, turtles and eggs!
Learn how the New Orleans community rallied 40 years ago to transform Audubon Zoo from one of the worst zoos in the country to one of the best, and Audubon's latest work to save animals from extinction.

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#WetlandWednesday Fun Fact – Louisiana has between 40% and 50% of all the wetlands in the continental United States. Other states with significant wetlands acreage include Texas and Florida, which you may have guessed – and also, perhaps surprisingly, Minnesota!
All Hail Krewe of Tux! Audubon Aquarium's penguins have teamed up with the all male dance group, the 610 Stompers, to roll out a parade of small, yet "extraordinary moves" to encourage parade-goers to drop off their plastic Mardi Gras beads at all Audubon locations. Read more: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Home Grown
Did you know that coral is actually made of thousands of single individual invertebrates living together? Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans grows much of the beautiful coral you see when you visit. By a process called “fragging,” we create new coral colonies from parent colonies, and we can share that coral with other aquariums. Reefs in the wild are facing enormous...
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Mark your calendars for the 40th annual Whitney Zoo-To-Do on May 5, 2017! Early Bird tickets are now on sale!

Whitney Zoo-To-Do - Audubon Nature Institute

If you have noticed a new feathered friend in the Amazon gallery at the Aquarium, you’re right! We are happy to introduce you to Tucker, the Tucuman Amazon parrot. This medium sized parrot averages 10-12 inches (25-31cm) from head to tail and is named after the Tucuman province in Argentina where it can be found. In 2011 the Tucuman Amazon was classified as vulnerable due to wild collection...
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Sign your child up for Mardi Gras camp at Audubon Zoo! A break from school is a great time to let your child connect with the wonders of nature at the Audubon Zoo. Camp is offered March 1 – March 3.

Mardi Gras Camp

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Whitney Zoo-To-Do

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Looking for a place to donate your Mardi Gras beads? Audubon Zoo, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium will have drop off sites for unwanted beads. Help keep plastic out of our oceans!
Did you know: Aardvarks can eat as many as 50,000 termites in one night and are the only living member of the order Tubulidentata! This order is unique for having tube-shaped teeth. Visit Audubon Zoo and you may run into Leia the aardvark, one of our new animal ambassadors!
Seeing a group of Louisiana brown pelicans is always a heartwarming sight for anyone who loves wildlife. Not long ago, these majestic birds were on the endangered species list. Today, the brown pelican is a wildlife success story, having been declared “recovered” in 1995. Brown pelicans are prolific in the state today, many of them are living in Louisiana’s wetlands, but they can also be...
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Audubon Nature Institute and ABSTRACTnola present Arts in the Park, a free, monthly concert series in Woldenberg Riverfront Park featuring music performances, live painting, food trucks, art vendors and more. Headliner T-Ray the Violinist & DTR along with Chase N. Cashe will perform Friday, February 17 from 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. We hope to see you there!
MARDI GRAS DISCOUNT! Receive half off adult or child admission to Audubon Aquarium and/or Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium. Valid Friday, February 17 through Monday, February 27.

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Thanks to everyone that came out to our 9th Annual Get Yah Praise On event. It was the best one yet!
With Teeny, Tiny Hammers?
South Louisiana has an abundance of interesting insects. For example, we hear a lot about termites. But did you know that carpenter ants can also cause problems for us? Not by eating wood like termites do, but by excavating it for their nests! There are many fascinating facts about carpenter ants, and you can learn all of them (like this one - how is an aphid like a...
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Fun Fact: Menari, our youngest orangutan, is an amazing tool user. She uses sticks, as spoons, in order to find and scoop out food hidden throughout her exhibit. Visit Menari at Audubon Zoo and see how clever she is for yourself!