Beware of Hitchhikers!
Winter in New Orleans can be chilly! While keepers make sure the birds of Parakeet Pointe are prepared with plenty of food and a nice warm roost, sometimes birds confuse coats, purses or bags with places to nest. Most people don’t even realize these birds hitched a ride! At Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, we’re all keeping an “eagle eye” out for these creative birds....
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Did you know: Malayan sun bears can be found in tropical rainforests around Southeast Asia. These bears consume more than 50 different kinds of plants and more than 100 species of insects!
Celebrate Valentine's Day learning about the mating rituals of our animals! Register TODAY for our special Animal Amore event. Space is limited!

Animal Amore’ at Audubon Zoo
Happy #PenguinAwarenessDay from Audubon Nature Institute! Audubon happens to know a thing or two about penguins! With 22 endangered African penguins under our care, we know how important these animals are and we're concerned with the rapid rate at which the species is declining. As a part of AZA’s SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) Program, Audubon along with fellow accredited zoos and...
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If crab & roasted red pepper dip served in a Leidenheimer pistolette bowl or red wine beef short ribs served with root vegetables, fried brussel sprouts and a jus reduction sounds good, head over to Audubon Clubhouse Café! Audubon Clubhouse Café has NEW menus!

Audubon Clubhouse Café Menu - New Orleans - Audubon Nature Institute
New Orleans Pelicans and Audubon Nature Institute invite you to Toast for the Coast on Saturday, March 18th at the Zoo’s Louisiana Swamp Exhibit! Spend an unforgettable evening with your favorite NBA stars while helping raise money for wetland education. Get your tickets today! #WetlandWednesday

Toast for the Coast - Audubon Nature Institute
Construction is halfway complete on the first phase of an innovative partnership between animal conservation leaders, Audubon Nature Institute and San Diego Zoo Global. The Alliance for Sustainable Wildlife is a modern-day ark to preserve species that are vulnerable in the wild and sustain populations in human care. #WildWed #SavingSpecies
Did you know: The African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus) is one of 18 species of penguin found in the world. When you think of penguins, you may picture them surrounded by snow and ice. However, there is one species of penguins that is acclimated to warmer climates. African penguins live in colonies on the coast and islands of southern Africa. The most notable aspect of African Penguin behavior...
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Happy Birthday Praline
Was it really 21 years ago that we celebrated the birth of gorilla Praline? Praline is full of energy, playful with her exhibit mate Bandia, and even likes to pick on the Zoo’s impressive silverback, Casey. Her keepers say she is very smart and quick to learn new things. Wish her and her species well the next time you visit the Zoo – western lowland gorillas are...
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All Audubon Nature Institute attractions are OPEN tomorrow, January 16!

Audubon Nature Institute | Celebrating the Wonders of Nature
From weddings to birthday parties, from toasting a milestone to corporate events, from dinners to outdoor picnics, Audubon can make your event extraordinary!

Private Events - Audubon Nature Institute
Meet Coco (left) and Emil (right) two of our St. Croix sheep. St. Croix sheep have hair and do not grow wool, which makes them super fluffy. Come by Watoto Walk inside Audubon Zoo and visit these two best friends!
Did you know: Giraffes feed primarily in the early morning and late afternoon. They can eat up to 75 pounds of foliage each day! #giraffe #AudubonZoo
Bring your scouts and camp out at Audubon Zoo overnight! Badges can be earned during this overnight. Register your troop today!

Scout Programs
Looking to start your career? Audubon Nature Institute is now hiring our spring positions. Come be a part of our family!

Audubon Zoo mourns the loss of Yaqui, a beloved male jaguar who arrived in New Orleans on June 15, 1999. Yaqui was under the care of Zoo staff and a team of veterinary specialists who recently discovered a large mass in his abdomen which resulted in a several complications and rapid decline in health. Upon arriving at Audubon, Yaqui was paired with Ixchel, who became his longtime mate. The...
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Man, that’s weird! Man-faced bugs
In the world of stink bugs, there are bizarre departures from the norm. One such species is on exhibit at Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. Catacanthus incarnatus is called the man-faced bug, and it’s easy to see why. Man-faced bugs come from India and southeast Asia. Not many U.S. zoos or museums have man-faced bugs, so Audubon is excited to have...
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What are you looking at!? Come lounge around with Anita in Jaguar Jungle! #anteater #AudubonZoo
Too cold out to snorkel or scuba dive? Audubon has you covered! Scuba or snorkel with the fish at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Come take the plunge into the Aquarium's Great Maya Reef and come face-to-mask with the aquatic animals of the Great Maya Reef.

Maya SCUBA Dive or Snorkel Adventure - Audubon Aquarium Of The Americas | Audubon Nature Institute