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Anyone able to pull this bloke out at Lithgow? Probably need someone with a winch.
We're looking for Australia's highest-kilometre 4X4!

Diesel, gas, petrol, whatever. If you have a 4X4 with some serious kays under it's belt, we want to hear from you. Or let us know if you know someone.

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Something to think about...
Pretty simple really.
Our thoughts are with all those impacted by the Bourke Street Mall tragedy in Melbourne yesterday. A truly sad day for our city.

Thank you to all our emergency services workers and the community for their combined response.


Victoria Police Ambulance Victoria MFB (Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade) Australian Red Cross City of Melbourne Victoria State Emergency Service
Forest Fire Management staff in the Macalister District would like to warn everyone that spikes have been found on a narrow trail in the Avon - Mount Hedrick Scenic Reserve, north-west of Boisdale.
The spikes have been removed, but please be alert if you are in the area as they are a danger to walkers and other users of the trails, and they also pose significant danger to wildlife.
If you...
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Agonising video shows a four-wheel-drive sliding off the back of a barge as patrons watch on in shock.

Facebook video shows vehicle slide off Fraser Island ferry into water
Readers, need your help.

There is a misconception that us 4WD owners are just bushbashers purely focused on making mini monster trucks. It's time to show the real face of the offroad community, so please comment below as per the template with a photo and I'll make up a blog post with everyone's input. Thanks.

Name: Robert
Vehicle: Ford Ranger PX
Why I'm into offroad touring: It's inexpensive...
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Where have you found the most expensive fuel since setting out?
Duncan Gay, the minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, has just released the ‘Suspension Manual’ document, which is the new rules for 4X4 suspension modification laws in New South Wales. Why do you need to know about it? If gives clear and concise guidelines on what’s legal, what’s not, and what…

4X4 suspension modification laws; 'Suspension Manual' published - Pat Callinan's 4X4 Adventures