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Northern Territory police say the Harvey Family have made contact and their welfare is no longer a concern. They are currently in a remote location in the Southern part of the Northern Territory.


Northern Territory Police say they hold concerns for a family of four, who were last heard from in Alice Springs on 9 May.

Mac and...
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Aussie 4WD 05/16/2017
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We got to go to South Africa last year, great experience...don't miss your chance!
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When I heard about an off-road action comedy feature film set in Australia. I had to see it...
Aussie 4WD 03/26/2017

ROUGH STUFF: Movie review | Practical Motoring
Shane Regan
LED Light Bar LAWS - Narva Australia

Here are the basics from TMR (Transport and Main Roads Qld). Consult with your local Roads Authority for up to date and relevant laws in your region.

1. In addition to the mandatory headlights, a maximum of four driving lamps may be fitted as an optional accessory to a light vehicle. An LED light bar is considered to be one lamp if all of the LEDs in the...
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Aussie 4WD 03/25/2017
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Anyone able to pull this bloke out at Lithgow? Probably need someone with a winch.
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We're looking for Australia's highest-kilometre 4X4!

Diesel, gas, petrol, whatever. If you have a 4X4 with some serious kays under it's belt, we want to hear from you. Or let us know if you know someone.

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Something to think about...
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Pretty simple really.
Pretty simple really
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