AHA Crew member Neal Blaker and Nibbles getting it done with a good boar with Bulls, Boars and Barra in Cape York! AHA Crew #Blaser #Swarovski #Stoneycreek #Spika #AHATV
Hunting eland must go on your bucket list! They are a huge animal and taste amazing on the braai!

Bushveld Hunting Adventures
AHA Would like to welcome our Latest Sponsor for the 2017 season - Raptor Razor Australia! Head over to their facebook page and give them a LIKE!
We will have some goodies up for grabs real soon! AHA Crew
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WHO IS KEEN FOR THE RUT! The boys have been out scouting a few victorian fallow!
AHA Crew!
Perfect way to start the 2017 duck season with a brand new F16! AHA Crew #Blaser #Australia #F16 #duckseason #southaustralia
Check out this huge Stag taken last week by Main Divide Outfitters- AHA Crew
Dave with a good boar from cape york with Bulls, Boars and Barra! AHA Crew #Blaser #Swarovski #Stoneycreek #Spika
#Swarovski #AHATV
Jason from Hunt Catch Cook getting it done. "Productive morning out with dogs finding this hooky little boar at 400m .. " AHA Crew
Lisa Davey and Chris Burns with Lisa's Waterbuck with Bushveld Hunting Adventures! AHA Crew
FREE Education night in Bendigo.
Come along to the Longlea recreation reserve at 6:30pm on Wednesday the 8th of February. BBQ and Raffle on the night. Everyone is welcome bring some cash to pick up your own Free range organic red meat T shirt and hoodie. No need to reply or book in just turn up on the night. Share and repost to help spread the word. AHA Crew
That's a lot of foxes....
Dave with a good Barra from up the Cape with Bulls, Boars and Barra! AHA Crew
Boots that will take you places! The Lowa Tibet GTX Boots are a serious set of footwear for the avid hunter! These boots straight out of the box took me across the harsh environment of New Zealand’s chamois country with ease! Since then they have been my go to boot for all my hunting trips across the country! They are a solid sure footed boot with excellent ankle support, they are ideal for...
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Introducing the newest additions to the Lightforce range, Venom and Genesis LED.
These fierce lights will be hitting stores from this week onwards - order your set from your local Lightforce dealer and find out more on our website
Venom LED: [ Lightforce.com Link ]
Genesis LED: [ Lightforce.com Link ]
Just a reminder to anyone in the Frankston area looking to do the WIT training and test, we will be holding it on the 3rd and 10th of February! HURRY, LAST CHANCE!
Click on the link below to secure you place Today!
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Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT) - Frankston

Zahunters Diaries - Mixed Game 2! Get it now! AHA Crew
They guys had a successful day on the scallops in port Phillip bay! Now time to clean them all! AHA Crew
If anyone is interested in all things Africa. Bushveld Hunting Adventures is where you need to go. AHA has hunted with the guys at Bushveld numerous times and they never disappoint. Make sure you contact Chris or look up any of their social media platforms for up to date news and offers.