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Alfie the wallaroo is ready for a nap - it must be exhausting being this cute!

Video: Featherdale Wildlife Park
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Shannon Crowder-Weiss
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Soaring above the turquoise waters of Denmark, Western Australia

Video: Apertunity Productions
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Anzac Day 2017 Dawn Service - Lest we forget
Anzac Day 2017 Dawn Service Lest we forget
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Brendan Wilson
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Remembering Patrick, the world's oldest wombat

1985 - 2017
Remembering Patrick the world's oldest wombat
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Nanette Middendorp
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Lace up your boots and experience the mind-blowing Seven Peaks Walk on Lord Howe Island

Video: with Pinetrees Lodge and Great Walks of Australia
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Who needs bunnies
when you have dingo puppies?

Welcome to the world little adorable ones
For up-close viewing of the Visit 12 Apostles on the Visit the Great Ocean Road, try heading down the 86 stairs of the Gibson Steps, which are backed by towering 70-metre high cliffs. These limestone stacks look particularly impressive at dawn or dusk, so it's best to stay overnight nearby to avoid having to drive to/from Visit Melbourne in the dark.

Photo: Tom Hall Photography 04/13/2017
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Carmen on Sydney Harbour... we saved you a seat - Opera Australia
Carmen on Sydney Harbour we saved you a seat Opera Australia
Fiftysix South
Hello ladies...

Apparently, Mack from Australia Zoo is quite the little Casanova.

Video: Mitchell Roberts @mitchrooberts (IG)
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Why Australia is one of the greatest places in the world to eat...
Why is Australia heaven for chefs?

The world's best chefs are discovering why as we welcome them for The World's 50 Best Restaurants in Visit Melbourne. #RestaurantAustralia