Young sisters who survived a deadly sea crossing to resettle in Australia are now saving the lives of Victorian beach-goers

Stand #WithRefugees
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This month marks the tragic 6th anniversary of the Syrian crisis. This collection of images by The Guardian reminds us of the once thriving and historically protected cities and public spaces of Syria, contrasted with now. #SyriaCrisis

Destruction of Aleppo: then and now – in pictures
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#RefugeeFacts Of the 21.3 million refugees registered with UNHCR just 107,100 were resettled in 2015. Less than 1%.
Stand with us #WithRefugees
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“We all want a more compassionate and peaceful world. It starts with how we treat and protect the most vulnerable people when they ask us for our help.”
Team UNHCR has gained another member this month in Lynn Dang, who’ll be running the Sydney Morning Herald Half-Marathon in May and this run is personal.
Read Lynn’s story.

Lynn Dang's Donor Story | Australia for UNHCR
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Today is World Water Day. Access to safe water is a basic human right. For refugees, it is very often the key to life or death.
According to Australia’s largest water and wastewater service provider, Sydney Water, on average each Australian uses approximately 295 litres of water a day. A refugee, by comparison, will have as little as 20 litres a day to drink, wash and clean with.

Within the...
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#RefugeeFacts “There is not a single humanitarian appeal anywhere in the world that is funded by even half of what is required… Appeals for countries on the brink of famine today are 17%, 7%, and 5% funded.” - UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie

What causes #Famine? Is it about birth rate? Why do they occur? Here are the facts.
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#MotivationMonday Feeling adventurous? Travel for a cause.
See the world while raising money to save lives, restore dignity and protect people who have been forced to flee their homes.
Join the Huma Charity Challenge with Team UNHCR and support refugees worldwide.

Step 1. Find your challenge
Step 2. Join Team UNHCR by creating your online fundraising page at [ Link ]
Step 3....
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#PhotoOfTheWeek A photo album lies on the floor of a destroyed house in a neighbourhood of the Old City of Homs, images of life before the devastation of civil war.
This week marked the 6th Anniversary of the Syria Crisis. While there are some hopes for peace, the needs and suffering of millions of Syrians continue unabated.
“We don’t want to wait without anything to do. We need to work, we need to be something in this world.”
Mohamed Dhib, a Syrian electrician and refugee living temporarily in Greece is volunteering his time and skills to helping install solar power in the camp where he and his family once lived.
Stand with us with refugees like Mohamed, sign the #WithRefugees petition today at...
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Syrian electrician lends time and skills to benefit others
#RefugeeFacts A severely malnourished child has a 98% chance of recovery if they receive urgent nutritional support in time.
Help us get food aid to children in urgent need
6 years of conflict. 4.9 million are refugees. 6.3 million have fled home but remain inside Syria.
Notwithstanding the numbers, “ultimately, Syria’s conflict isn’t about numbers – it’s about people”. UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi implores the international community to remember the human lives devastated by the ongoing Syrian crisis.
“There is not a single humanitarian appeal anywhere in the world that is funded by even half of what is required… Appeals for countries on the brink of famine today are 17%, 7%, and 5% funded. No one prefers that kind of aid. Not citizens of donor countries. Not governments. Not refugees. They do not want to be dependent…But let’s be clear, emergency aid has to continue because many states...
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UNHCR Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie will be LIVE on Facebook at 4 am tomorrow morning AEST from the UN Assembly Hall, where she will deliver the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation lecture, followed by a discussion with UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi and BBC News Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet.
Catch the video tomorrow on the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency Facebook...
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Find out more about our Food Crisis appeal to help fund emergency nutrition supplies, stabilisation centres and shelter in the Food Crisis Zone.

UNHCR launches appeal as 2 million refugees face hunger
Tune into the radio program SBS African Hour at 1pm AEST to hear our National Director Naomi Steer discuss the Food Crisis that is gripping parts of Africa.
Countries affected by critical food shortages include South Sudan’s Unity State, where a famine has been officially declared, Nigeria, Somalia, and a further 11 countries in the region. Those most at risk are women and children.

UNHCR is...
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African home
Every step of the way UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency is there, delivering quick & effective assistance to people forced to flee their homes. With your help, we can transform lives.
Donate now at
#RefugeeFacts Poorer countries host most of the world's displaced people.
“My mum taught me about strength and courage at a young age. She showed me that a woman is strong, determined, patient, loving and visionary.” Prudence, a former refugee from Chad who resettled in Australia at the age of 11, is now in her 20s studying law and is a winner of ABC’s Heywire competition.
Prudence was named one of Triple J’s 25 under 25 - celebrating young Australians doing...
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“Strong, Determined, Patient, Loving and Visionary” - UNHCR
This #IWD2017 International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange and join us in creating a better future for refugee women.
UNHCR is just one of many organisations working around the world to help displaced women and girls. Everyday UNHCR is working toward Sustainable Development Goal 5: ‘Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls’, through action to prevent and treat victims of sexual...
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In parts of South Sudan famine has been declared. 10 other countries in Africa and the Middle East are now experiencing severe food shortages, 3 of which are critical.
A disaster of this kind has not been seen since 2011.
What is Famine, why are people starving in this time of plenty and what can you do to help? The Guardian reports.
Donate now to the African Food Crisis appeal at...
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Famine: what does it really mean and how do aid workers treat it?