A cracking book about the Light Horse.
They Rode Into History book buy online now from Military Shop - Australia's premier military specialist. The History of the 8th Light Horse Regiment AIF, 1914 -19. Unit history of 8th Light Horse Regiment, written by Max Emery, whose great uncle was killed at Es Salt in Palestine.This unit was raised in Victoria and which saw service in Egypt, Gallipoli,...
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This Day in 1915.
C.J. Dennis, Australian poet and author of The Sentimental Bloke, was employed as a civilian clerk at Navy Office, Melbourne
Battle of Gaza.
First Battle of Gaza - the first Allied attempt to capture this major Turkish centre lying 32 kilometres inside the border of Palestine. The Allied strength included two Australian light horse brigades and the Anzac Mounted Division under Major General Harry Chauvel. [ Ow.ly Link ]
Less than a week till the ANZAC Day medal order cut off.
Just remember that the cut off for medal orders is fast approaching. Get your orders or medals to us before 31 March 2017 to ensure you have them in time for ANZAC Day. [ Ow.ly Link ]
Great War Bush Bears.
It can be said there is safety in numbers and many paws make light work! A group of our Great War bears were recently photographed touring the bush with members of a 4WD club outside Canberra. Thanks to Danny & Beth Williams for sending this to us. Take up the challenge today and send us your Great War Bear photos. Don’t forget that with every bear purchased we are...
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Balloon Bear - Up Up & Away.
Our limited edition Great War bears have been photographed in many places around the world. Here is Trooper Jones, wearing his medals, helping at the recent Canberra Balloon Festival. Thanks to Danny & Beth Williams for sending in the shot. [ Ow.ly Link ]
Medals for ANZAC 2017.
At this time of year there is a significant focus on medals. There are many providers around the country and if they are anything like us they are very busy preparing medals in time for ANZAC Day 2017. Last year on the 50th Anniversary of Long Tan it was our great privilege to welcome Mr Aubrey Tompkin in our Military Shop showroom. It would be hard to meet a finer...
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Brand your own products for any event.
Many people don't realise that apart from the various commemorative medallions, coins and pennies you can find at this site that you can design your own. Many associations, people commemorating significant event anniversaries or just for their own purposes can have items made from scratch. Often called challenge coins, these items themselves are highly...
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Remembrance Driveway
Next time you find yourself driving between Canberra and Sydney try to stop at the VC rest areas along the Remembrance Drive. The sites are generally very relaxing and offer a welcome break to the traveller and of course an ability to read the accounts of our brave servicemen. See: [ Remembrancedriveway.org.au Link ]

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Final German Offensive begins.
On 21 March 1918 the final German offensive of the First World War begins - Germans hoped to split the Allied forces around Amiens and drive towards the English Channel. After initial success their advance slowed and was turned into the retreat that eventually led to the end of the First World War. [ Ow.ly Link ]
RAN Bridging Train.
On 20 March 1917 the RAN Bridging Train disbanded; former members either transferred to RAN or to [ Ow.ly Link ]
Lieutenant F.H. McNamara VC.
Frank McNamara was the first Australian airman to be awarded the Victoria Cross. On 20 March 1917 McNamara, flying on one such operation, saw a fellow squadron member, Captain D. W. Rutherford, shot down. Although having just suffered a serious leg wound, McNamara landed near the stricken Rutherford who climbed aboard, but his wound prevented McNamara from taking...
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Sir Archibald Murray.
On 19 March 1916 Sir John Maxwell was withdrawn from Egypt, leaving Sir Archibald Murray in command. Murray ultimately led Allied forces, including the Australian Light Horse, in the war against Turkey in the Sinai and Palestine. [ Ow.ly Link ]
HMAS Pioneer.
On 18 March 1916 HMAS PIONEER, (cruiser), intercepted and sank the German supply ship TABORA off Dar Es Salaam, East Africa. [ Ow.ly Link ]
Allied fleet attempts to force the Dardanelles.
On 18 March 1915 the Allied fleet attempted to force a way through the Dardanelles. This was the second allied attempt to force a naval breakthrough of the Turkish defences. [ Ow.ly Link ]
First exhibition at veterans’ art museum.
On 22 March 2017 ANVAM, 1st floor SpACE@Collins, 278 Collins Street, Melbourne, will open its inaugural exhibition celebrating veteran’s art titled A March to Art: Identity.
A link between veterans and the wider community, A March to Art: Identity offers an opportunity to redefine community perceptions of our new generation of veterans and engage the...
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Australians occupy Bapaume, Western Front.
In early 1917, the German Army withdrew to the Hindenburg Line. During the general advance that followed, the 30th Battalion had the honour of occupying Bapaume in March 1917, one of the original objectives for the Somme Offensive of 1916. The 30th missed much of the heavy fighting of 1917, being employed in flank protection and reserve roles at the...
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Baghdad Occupied.
Baghdad occupied - In March 1917 members of the 1st Anzac Wireless Signal Squadron are part of Lieutenant General Stanley Maude’s force of two British Army Corps and one Indian Cavalry Division which occupy Baghdad. [ Ow.ly Link ]
Resting on Reversed Arms.
'Resting on Reversed Arms' is one of the most moving figurines in the Australia in the Great War series. This lone digger standing in the traditional position of respect for the fallen shares service, sacrifice and our promise to remember. This 300mm tall artwork is limited to only 5,000 castings. Comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. You can replace the...
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Ernest Albert Corey.
Ernest Albert Corey, MM & Three Bars (20 December 1891 – 25 August 1972) was a distinguished Australian soldier who served as a stretcher bearer during the First World War. He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on 13 January 1916, and was allocated to the 55th Battalion, where he was initially posted to a grenade section before volunteering for stretcher bearing...
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